9+ Construction Resume Template


Construction Resume Template

If you are looking for a job, a professional resume is one thing that you must be able to write because you need to convince the recruiter that you are the best choice for the position. You should be aware that there are other candidates who look for the same job as you so that you have to familiarize yourself with a good and professional resume in order to pass the initial recruitment process effectively. One simple thing that you can do is using a construction resume template.

There are various construction company resume template that you can use to guide you in writing a professional resume. All you have to do is do some adjustments on the template so that it will match your purpose and personal information.

Construction Resume Sample

For giving you ideas in writing a good and professional resume, below is a construction resume sample that you can use as a guidance.

George Mick

BA in Business Administration

Personal Info

Phone : (555)302-302-303

Email: george.mick@gmail.com


A construction superintendent with 3+ years experience in the construction field. I am seeking a job in which I can put my knowledge and skills into practice in order to improve the profitability and efficiency of the construction company. I was able to deliver 91% on-time job completion at the previous company. I also managed to decrease safety incidents by 83% each year by implementing the recent standard safety program. I am great at working quickly and without defects.


  1. Savant Brothers Construction


  • Working with Project Manager in order to manage, supervise and also coordinate works on projects, including laborers and subcontractors.
  • Keeping all jobs to be on schedule. Installing an innovative labor inventory system and increasing projects’ on-time completion to 91%
  • Implementing safety plans which are based on behavior with all fellow employees. Cutting safety incidents by 83% each year in only one year’s time.
  1. Sanders Construction


  • Delivering equipment and materials with 92% were delivered on-time.
  • Supervising on-site works to ensure quality and efficiency. Able to reduce customers’ complaints by 40%.


Gloria University

Business Administration


GPA: 3.7

Relevant Coursework: The Effectiveness of Financial Incentives to Worker Motivation and Morale

Graduation: 2017

Membership: a member of General Construction Association

Certification: Professional Project Management (PPM)

Key Skills

  • Scheduling Software
  • Concrete Work
  • Managing Worksites
  • Developing Estimates
  • Record Keeping


  • Contractors Safety Excellence Award, 2019
  • General On-Site Award, 2020


  • English
  • Italian

How to Write a Construction Resume

The following are some steps that you can take when writing a good and professional construction resume:

  • You must include your professional experiences. Write down your experiences in the construction field.
  • If you have no experience, you can highlight your skills that are relevant.
  • Include numbers in order to prove your value and ability.
  • Use some keywords.
  • You can read some resume samples in order to give you ideas when writing your resume.
  • Do not forget to proofread your resume.

What is the ideal length of a construction resume?

Usually, employers read a resume in less than 10 seconds. In order to make the best first impression, you can start your construction resume with an objective summary that consists of specific details related to your experience and skills.

How to list construction skills on the resume?

  • List various hard skills that you have
  • Describe your skills related to construction safety
  • Explain about your project management skills in the construction field
  • Highlight your administrative skills and technical skills
  • Write about your physical abilities
  • You must stay updated on recent construction guidelines and technologies

How to write a resume for my first job?

Writing a resume for the first time might feel challenging for you, therefore, you can take a look at the following steps that can give you guidance in writing your professional resume.

  • Choose the most suitable resume layout
  • Write down a meaningful section about your educational background
  • Highlight your relevant experience
  • Do not forget to include your key skills
  • Compose a meaningful introductory paragraph

Kinds of Construction Resume

There are various kinds of construction resumes that can fit different purposes. You can choose the one that is most relevant with your field. It is important to choose the most suitable resume since it will help you to pass the initial stage of the hiring process.

Resume Template for Construction Assistant

This simple but effective template is very suitable for you who prefer a simple format. There are sections for you to explain your personal details, job objective, educational backgrounds and expertise. There is also a quite big space for you to write down the summary of your professional qualifications. You can also choose the MS Word format so that it will be quite easy for you to adjust the content to fit your personal information.

Resume Template for Construction Coordinator

Prove that you are the most suitable candidate for the job by using this template. You can write down your contact information, career objective, educational background and also the related skills in the available spaces. The available MS Word format will ease the editing process.

Resume Template for Construction Manager

If you have working experience already, you can choose to use this template. This template offers sections for you to highlight your contact information, career objective and working experience.

Resume Template for Construction Laborer

Already having the professional working experiences in the field, it is best for you to choose this template. You can write down your contact information, resume objective, key qualifications, special skills and working experience in the available sections.

Resume Template for Construction Administrator

When you are already a professional in the construction field, thisconstruction resume template will work out best for you. Write down your career objective, contact information, expertise and job experiences in the provided spaces.

Resume Template for Construction Foreman

If you already have some professional working experiences, you can use this simple template. There are sections available to list your professional skills and to write down the summary of qualifications and professional experience.

Resume Sample for Construction Superintendent

When you want to highlight your working experience, this construction resume template will fit your purpose. Convince the recruiter that you are the best candidate by explaining your professional experience in the available section.

Resume Template for Construction Supervisor

Having little or no working experience as construction supervisor, choose this construction resume template to ensure the recruiter that you have the skills and qualifications to offer. After writing about your personal information, career objective and resume summary, you can write down the summary of your qualifications in the provided space.


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