10+ Student Curriculum Vitae Templates


Student Curriculum Vitae Templates

When you want to apply for a job, writing a professional curriculum vitae is one of other activities you need to do before sending your job application to the organization or company where you want to work for. A good and professional curriculum vitae will be able to show that you are a valuable candidate for the position offered. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with a professional and good curriculum vitae is the best step to take in order to be able to write a curriculum vitae that can describe your skills and potential. You can also consider using student curriculum vitae templates as a guidance to write the curriculum vitae that suit you best.

When it is your first experience in writing a curriculum vitae, student CV template for first job that you can find on this website will help you in writing a good and professional curriculum vitae needed for getting your first job. Modify the information found in the template by changing it into your personal information.

Student Curriculum Vitae Sample

Read the student curriculum vitae sample below in order to get ideas when writing a good and professional curriculum vitae.

Jude Arkinson

Personal Information

Phone number: (555)456-456-456

Email: jude.arkinson@gmail.com


A bachelor degree student in the Nursing Department (3.5/4.0) who is really skillful in treating patients. I am looking for a job in which I can put my knowledge into best practices in treating patients, checking their vital signs and educating them about their illness.


Intern Nurse

  1. Eden University Hospital


  • Providing best care for hospitalized patients.
  • Checking patients’ vital signs.
  • Keeping the record of patients’ vital signs.
  1. Lafayette Public Hospital


  • Treating patients with light wounds.
  • Educating patients about their illness.


Nursing Department, Eden University


GPA: 3.5

Relevant Coursework: Public health Education, Biology and Anatomy

Expected Graduation: 2021

Membership: Member of Healthy is Great Organization

Key Skills

  • Patient
  • Diligent
  • Friendly
  • Meticulous
  • Analytical


  • Best Intern in Eden University Hospital Year 2018
  • A presenter in National Health Seminar held in Eden University, 2019


  • English
  • Japanese

How to Write A Student Curriculum Vitae

Read the steps that you can follow to write a professional student curriculum vitae.

  • Use the appropriate format
  • Write down your personal details starting from your full name
  • Provide a short but powerful personal profile
  • List your work or internship experiences. Do not forget to describe your work and internship experiences
  • Mention about your educational background and qualifications, starting from the recently finished study

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae Without Having Any Experiences?

You do not need to feel discouraged when you do not have any working experiences yet. Try to make your curriculum vitae interesting by using the correct keywords or highlighting your strong personalities.

What Can a College Student Do to Write a Professional Curriculum Vitae?

  • You have to focus on your educational background, give emphasis to your academic history
  • Write about your relevant skills and experiences to the job that you want
  • List the extracurricular activities you had participated during your high school days or college years
  • Include some leadership experiences you had

What Should a High School Student Do to Write a Good Curriculum Vitae?

  • At the beginning of your curriculum vitae, put your educational background
  • Include your strong GPA
  • Put your achievements, honors and academic awards
  • If you ever join an extracurricular or volunteer activities, you can mention them in your curriculum vitae

Kinds of Student Curriculum Vitae

There are several kinds of student curriculum vitae, suited for various needs. Read and choose the one that is suitable with your field. Choosing the most suitable one is important since you need to pass the first step of the hiring process.

Curriculum Vitae Template for Nursing Student

When you already have some professional experiences, this template is designed for you. Available in MS Word format, you can directly edit this template and show your knowledge and skills in the nursing field.

Curriculum Vitae Template for College Student

If you have limited or no working experience, you may consider using this student curriculum vitae template. This template focuses more on highlighting your performances as a student such as your presentations, papers and research. Show that you are still the best candidate for the job using this template.

Student Curriculum Vitae Template for Undergraduate

Designed for undergraduate students who have no professional working experience yet, this template focuses on your campus involvement and volunteer experience. Describe your skills that suit your expected job using this template.

Curriculum Vitae for Medical Student Template

As a medical student who has experiences in research and presentation, this template is suitable for you. This template has its focus on educational background, honors, awards and research experiences/presentation.

Curriculum Vitae for Graduate Student Template

This student curriculum vitae template is created for graduate students who have many research interests. After mentioning personal information, educational background, awards and honors, you can write about your research interests in the available section.

Curriculum Vitae Template for High School Student

Being a high school student with some working experience, this template is designed for you. You can write down your major and professional experience in the section available. You may also mention your interests and special accomplishments in the provided section.

Curriculum Vitae Template for Pharmacy Student

This template is especially designed for pharmacy students who already have professional experience placements. You can showcase your skills in the section provided for you in this template.

Curriculum Vitae Template for Internship Student

If you are looking for a position as an intern, this template is specifically designed for you. This template consists of details about your knowledge, personal skills, academic qualifications, key competencies, selected achievements and also your hobbies and interests.

Curriculum Vitae Template for Business Student

As a business student who already has internship and related experience, you may consider using this curriculum vitae template for your job application. This template focuses on professional working experience and also campus and community involvement.

Student Curriculum Vitae Templates Sample


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