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Save the Date Templates in Elegant Design and Style

You may receive invitation card with the title “save the date”. This is simple method for creating that invitation. People use it for wedding, birthday, or anything. You can make your own card with save the date templates. Various designs and styles give many options that you can choose.

It is called “save the date” due to the design and title. The complete invitation has photo, names, location, and schedule, even itinerary that guests must follow. On contrary, some people think such invitation is too much. Therefore, they create the simplest version, called “save the date”.

Save the Date Templates Idea and Concept

The next section will explore the idea and concept that’s applied on the save the date templates. Most of them are something you find commonly in daily life. More explanation will be at the following list.

Invitation card

The primary concept is the invitation card. You may have wedding in the following month and want to invite some friends. Instead of sending a common wedding card, it is more efficient with this kind of card. With the latest technology, you can use social media and mobile app for sharing directly.

Wedding and other events

In general, save the date is mostly for wedding. It is like reminder that people should keep in their to-do-list. The date is schedule for wedding event. On the other hand, some events are eligible for such implementation. Concerts, music event, and anything that attract the crowd are worth to know. This is when “save the date” becomes practical reminder and invitation.



The template is dedicated for event schedule. You should make sure everyone knows what to do and when to attend. Save the date itself is the schedule, but only for one event.

Save the Date Templates Design

Save the date is dedicated for simplicity. It means you only use less complex composition. Usually, the basic layout is square where the main contents are at the center. After that, you can adjust the title at the top, and the detail at the bottom.

Save the Date Templates Components

Even though the design and style are quite simple, you cannot forget the key components. Some items are necessary to be on the template.


You can use any title, but usually just “save the date” written on the card. It represents what this thing supposed to be. Of course, some options are available to edit and modify based on your necessity.

Event name

If it is for wedding, the main component is who the bride and the groom. The names must be on this one. For other events, you can adjust with the title. Make sure the name is simple yet functional.


Time and place

The most important component is the time and place. Write down when and where the event will be held. You can add the detail but keep it as simple as possible.

Save the Date Templates Format and Platform

The platform for save the date templates uses various formats. It does not have to be the files that most graphic designers use. On the other hand, you may create the template with Word processor software. As long as the components are available, anyone can create it based on what software they know.

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