Picker Job Description and its FAQs

A Picker is commonly found in the shipping business such as production facilities and distribution centers. They will select merchandise from the shelves and prepare the item for distribution. Due to their role to pick or select the merchandise, some people also call this job position as a Picker packer or order picker or warehouse picker. Therefore, creating a picker job description will be complicated.

The picker job description template idea

Some people think that a picker is not an essential job. They have a big role in the organization or company. Therefore, you need to look for the energetic picker that will help the company to prepare the orders for shipping. Besides, a picker also will utilize the demand and also order sheets to pick a wide variety of items.

Besides, a picker also will place and arrange the items in the containers and bins to follow the specific instructions. They also will arrange the containers on the pallet so that the product will be nice and it will avoid damage in the process of shipment.

To succeed in the picker, you also need to perform at a high level of accuracy. Besides, a top candidate for a picker, you have to be upstanding, organized, and also able to perform under the pressure in the company.

The responsibilities of a picker

As a picker, you will have some responsibilities to do. Some responsibilities that should be done are:

  • Accept and check incoming pick tickets
  • Save orders suitable to the quantity, size, and so forth to make sure the accuracy
  • Keep the tools and also report on the malfunctions
  • Making sure that the work areas are clean, neat and tidy
  • Cover and tag the containers and also confirm the accuracy of orders and signing the pick ticket to confirm
  • Make sure the correct shipping information getting attached and moving to complete the orders for the shipping area
  • Put the containers on pallets and also securing with stretch wrap or other strapping
  • Load and unload the trucks by using the totes, jacks and also forklifts
  • Help in keeping the security of the warehouse

The requirements of a picker 

Besides, you also need to fill some requirements if you want to be a picker. Some picker requirement descriptions are:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • More than 1 year of work experience as a similar role
  • Outstanding verbal communication skills
  • Capable to work harmoniously with a diverse range of people
  • Expert to use the tools required for the positions
  • Physically responsive and adroit
  • Diligent and punctual
  • Great physical strength and stamina
  • Excellent organization skills

The picker FAQs

What should pickers do?

As a picker, you have to be always on time and able to work long hours for their feet. Therefore, a picker should be strong and deft with the ability to pick up for small details. The detailed information should be written on the picker job description template.

Can I edit the picker job description here?

Of course, you can. The picker job description sample here is editable so that can change and edit the picker job description suitable for your company’s needs.


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