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The PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. The person who is working as a PHP developer should develop and code the back-end part and connect it with the web service.  You can simply learn further the PHP developer job description in the following article.

The Responsibilities In The PHP Developer Job Description

conducting Analysis

A PHP developer is responsible for conducting analysis for websites and applications. The developer must involve the team for brainstorming for new ones or fix the existing ones.


You have to use technical knowledge to develop your project based on the plan. A PHP developer should develop a portal with a seamless database.


The next task to perform by a PHP developer is performing testing to check if there an error. Besides, the PHP developer also must get feedback from the clients. The bugs must be fixed to keep the satisfaction of users.


When the project has been run, the work hasn’t finished. Still, the PHP developer must do maintenance continuously to improve the functionalities. This also includes altering and updating the features of the application and website.

The Requirements In The PHP Developer Job Description

  • Academic background – The candidate must be from computer science, information technology, and other similar fields.
  • skils – He/she must have strong knowledge in some language programs, especially PHP that covers Laravel, Yii, and also Codelgniter. The candidate must be good at CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. Other tools to use during the works include CVS, Mercurial, Git, and SVN. The candidate must be proficient in using these tools. Furthermore, SQL/NoSQL will be used too so the candidate must be good at this. Additionally, another soft skill to have including problem-solving and management skills.

What’s A PHP Developer’s Main Role?

The PHP developer is responsible for the backend part and makes sure the data interchange between users and server works perfectly fine. In this case, the person who is in charge of this position must develop and code the server. Besides that, the developer must maintain the central database and respond to the requests which are from the front-end developers.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Successful PHP Developer?

To be a professional PHP developer requires you to have strong knowledge in PHP programming, front-end technologies, MVC designs, CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. Generally speaking, the professional PHP developer is able to build and design efficient PHP modules and integrate them with front-end technologies.

what Are The General Tasks Of A PHP Developer?

This position requires you to ensure the data interchange can be done smoothly without having problems between server and user.. Besides, you write codes all the server logic and maintain its database.

To sum up, being a PHP developer requires you strong skills in writing code and implement its logic. You will deal with the back-end part of the server which requires you to master certain language programs. make sure you understand well the PHP developer job description well.



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