Law Clerk Job Description and Its FAQ


For the lawyer company, a law clerk sits on an essential position with an important role. Based on the law clerk job description, an individual in this position will assist and advise the lawyers and judges. On another hand, they also will conduct legal research and analysis. Also, they will prepare the legal document, so the needs of clients can be handled maximally.

Law Clerk Job Description Template

Since the important role of a law clerk, the talented law clerk is needed by a company. Yes, a company will need a superb law clerk with great organizational skills. A talented law clerk can be reliable and they could handle every task to please the clients and finish the problems.

Well, that is why the template of the law clerk job description is needed. A template shows detailed matters to be considered by a candidate before joining. On another hand, it also can be a reference for the recruiter to make sure that they could get a high-talented agent.

On another hand, a template is also helpful for the recruiter. To make a recruitment document, they do not need to make it from a blank paper. All they need to do is personalizing the information inside it based on their needs and styles.

Law Clerk Responsibilities

Assisting the lawyer becomes the main responsibility of a law clerk. However, a law clerk still has some other responsibilities to be handled in performing their tasks, such as:

  • Coordinating and scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Performing basic duties of the courtroom
  • Maintaining and updating the law libraries, literature, and documentation
  • Supervising the work and activities of the courthouse
  • Attending the court session to listen to and to record the critical and useful information
  • Ensuring that the related case documents are available and can be handled easily
  • Assisting the lawyer during the court proceeding by preparing some used documents
  • Preparing memoranda and briefing with accurate information for the specific cases
  • Interpreting laws, rulings, and regulations for the specific cases
  • Assisting and counseling the judges and lawyers on their primary duties

Law Clerk Requirements

To handle all responsibilities, a candidate of a law clerk should fulfill the needed requirements. It becomes the standard and procedure to recruit a talented law clerk. The requirements to be fulfilled by a candidate of a law clerk are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in law or equivalent field
  • Experiences in a similar role and a legal environment
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Great communication skills especially in writing
  • Excellent document management skills
  • Strong conceptual and research skills
  • Flexible schedule with a high commitment of the attendance
  • Critical thinker and attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Familiar with deadlines

Law Clerk FAQ

What are the main duties of the law clerk?

Assisting the lawyer becomes the main duty of a law clerk. However, an individual in this position also should prepare some needs and requirements to face the court and make sure that the process is going well.

Can I edit the posted job description of the law clerk here?

Yes, you can. All samples of the law clerk job description are editable. You can personalize the documents based on your need. Download the samples of the job description and then use Microsoft Word to edit it.


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