Freight Broker Job Description and Its Requirements

Freight broker is very important. This position is always needed. It aims to serve as a connection between freight carriers & customers. Many people are interested in this position but they do not surely understand what they are required to do. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss further about the detailed freight broker job description.

Freight Broker Job Description Template

We are a company that is seeking a professional freight broker. We want to ensure that we hire a service minded freight broker so that he or she can be a good connection between freight carries & our company’s customers. Here, you will have some responsibilities and have to meet some requirements.

For the responsibilities, you are required to secure new accounts, expedite the process of information sharing, and also communicate with dispatchers, clients, and of course drivers. In addition, we are open to negotiate current & future contacts to optimize the profits.

Freight Broker Responsibilities

An ideal candidate of a freight broker must be customer-oriented and able to work in dynamic environment. For the responsibilities, you can see the following list:

  • Performs freight services that adheres to the regulations of the government & company
  • Makes, coordinates, & manages schedules of pick-up & delivery, and coordinates with customers, dispatchers, carriers, & shippers
  • Tracks & reports load shipment status
  • Books orders with carriers & helps to prepare for loading
  • Provides existing & prospective customers with shipping quotes
  • Maintains activity records accurately and ensures that freight paperwork is complete & approved
  • Resolves discrepancies & keeps relevant parties apprised
  • Responds to customers fast with a professional manner
  • Manages various delivers as well as process spot requests
  • Develops new strategies of sales
  • Identifies safe carries and develops relationships of business with all relevant parties
  • Maintains relationships with all relevant parties
  • Remains trends of emerging market

Freight Broker Requirements

After knowing the responsibilities, now you need to know about the requirements you will need to meet for applying for this position:

  • At least 2-year experience
  • Familiar with brokerage
  • Proficient in industry-specific software & Ms. Office
  • Good interpersonal skills for communication
  • Good negotiating skills
  • Ability to meet targets of sales

Freight Broker FAQs

What does a freight broker do in a brokerage firm?

A freight broker is asked to secure new accounts, expedite the process of information sharing, and also communicate with dispatchers, clients, and of course drivers.

Can I edit the posted freight broker job description here?

Certainly, you can. If you want to hire a freight broker, you can write the needed requirements. We provide the common requirements but you can update it to fit your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a freight broker?

In this article, we do not only provide the freight broker job description. However, we also share some examples of interview questions that can be asked to a candidate of freight broker.

Description: Freight broker job description should be understood well. Here are the responsibilities to do and requirements to meet.


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