Daycare Director Job Description with Its Responsibilities and Requirements

A daycare director cares for the daycare facility operation, to ensure that the kids you care for are safe, happy, & have a fun educational environment. A daycare director may work in a preschool, a daycare facility, a nursery school, or other pre-kindergarten settings. So, it is very important to share the detailed daycare director job description.

Daycare Director Job Description Template

Now, we are hiring a daycare director. We let you join with our school and take a part of it. A daycare director will have important responsibilities like caring for the daycare facility operation. Of course, a daycare director is a very important position in our school. So, we need a professional candidate.

A daycare director needs to understand the responsibilities in detailed. Besides that, we also have some qualifications required for all the candidates. We hope that you can meet all the qualifications we require and take a part in our school.

Daycare Director Responsibilities

As we have told before, a daycare director has many responsibilities. If you are accepted to be our daycare director, you have to do all the following responsibilities. Below is the list of responsibilities to do by a daycare director at our school:

  • Develops programming & curriculum
  • Interviews & hires staff members, provides training, ensures all background checks & fingerprint records are processed, makes schedules, files timesheets, and observes staff with kids
  • Manages all the facilities of daycare
  • Sets & maintains a budget of operational such as making & maintaining a budget, setting up a bookkeeping & accounting system, and also overseeing payable & receivable accounts
  • Attracts prospective clients such as setting up a web, maintaining accounts of social media, & buying ads

Daycare Director Requirements

A daycare director must have a good passion for working with kids and great leadership skills. The requirements relate to skills, education, experience, and many more. Our employer prefers candidates with the following abilities:

  • Being organized & detailed oriented business management
  • Knowledge of state & federal laws
  • Experience in handling a room with full of children
  • Knowledge of regulations especially safety
  • Up to date on first aid protocol for the age range at the facility
  • Ability of people management
  • Good communication skills

Daycare Director FAQs

What does a daycare director do in a school?

The main task of a daycare director is to care for the daycare facility operation, to ensure that the kids you care for are safe, happy, & have a fun educational environment. Different schools will certainly have different facilities.

Can I edit the posted daycare director job description here?

Absolutely, you can. You can update the details of a daycare director’s responsibilities & requirements written here based on your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a daycare director?

Besides providing the daycare director job description, we also have some samples of the related interview questions. You can use these when hiring a daycare director for your school.

Description: Daycare director job description must be understood as the part of a process of recruitment. Therefore, you can find a professional daycare director based on your needs.


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