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Firefighter Resume

When you are looking for a job, you must be able to write a professional resume so that the recruiter can be sure that you are the best choice for the position. There are many people who want to have the job you are seeking for, therefore, you must make yourself familiar with a good and professional resume. One solution is by using a firefighter resume that you can find on this website.

If you have no professional working experience and are writing a resume for the first time, our simple firefighter resume with no experience is the best guidance for you to write your professional resume that fits your purpose. All you need to do is write down relevant information about yourself and adjust the content so that it will be in accordance with your situation.

Firefighter Resume Sample

In order to provide you with some ideas to write your professional resume, you can follow the sample of firefighter resume below.

Marc Steven

Personal Info

Phone : (555)523-523-523

Email: marc.steven@gmail.com


A graduate from a prominent high school (3.5/4.0) who is really passionate about helping people in need. I am looking for a position in which I can offer my knowledge and skills in helping people who are in dangerous situations.



The Firefighter Homesafe Co.


  • Responding to accidents and fires in which risks to property and life are exist
  • Protecting people in emergency situations
  • Provide aids in chemical spills, water rescue, flooding and car crashes

Safezone Co.


  • Protecting public property and life
  • Responding to emergency calls


Bravery Hill High School


GPA: 3.5

Graduation: 2019

Membership: A member of International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)

Key Skills

  • Discipline
  • Brave
  • Time management
  • Friendly
  • Communicative


  • Firefighter of The Year, 2020
  • Fire Chief of The Year, 2021


  • English
  • Mexican

How to Write a Firefighter Resume

The following are some steps that you can take in order to write a professional firefighter resume.

  • Write down a firefighter resume summary. Put your 2-3 accomplishments in it.
  • Highlight your firefighter skills.
  • List your professional working experiences.
  • Write about your educational background and training.
  • Include additional certifications.
  • Do not forget to write down a firefighter cover letter

What kind of educational background do firefighters need?

Firefighters need at least a high school diploma. They typically also need to be trained in emergency medical services (EMS). Pre-service firefighters have to pass physical and written tests, series of interviews, having been trained at fire academy and holding a certificate of emergency medical technician (EMT).

How to start a career in the firefighter field?

  • You need to get the basic requirements. Firefighters need a high school diploma and a valid driver’s license
  • Taking the tests to become firefighters
  • Becoming an EMT
  • Attending fire academy
  • Considering formal education
  • Continuing learning about firefighters

What should be put on a firefighter resume?

You can consider including the following things so that your resume will look good and professional, such as:

  • Specific certifications for firefighting
  • Owning certifications for first responders (CFP) in national level
  • Experiencing training and getting certifications as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
  • Able to operate fire engines as proven by having commercial driving licenses
  • Prove that you have problem-solving skills and also critical thinking skills

Kinds of Firefighter Resume

There are various kinds of firefighter resume that can fit your purpose. Choose the one that fits you best. It is very important to choose the best resume that is relevant with your need in order to be able to pass the hiring process with ease.

Resume Template for Entry Level Firefighter

If you have minimum or no experience working in the firefighter field, but you have a strong passion for this job, this template will suit you best. There are sections available for you to write down your personal details, areas of expertise, key achievements, and relevant experiences. This template is available in MS Word format, therefore you will not have much difficulties in adjusting the content of this firefighter resume template to fit your personal information.

Resume Template for Volunteer Firefighter

When you are looking for opportunities in becoming a volunteer firefighter, you can show your interest using this simple but professional firefighter resume template. You can start writing down your resume summary in the beginning of your resume, then continue to highlight things that can prove that you are the best candidate for this job. There is also a section on this template to list your working experience as a volunteer.

Resume Template for Firefighter Paramedic

Having experience in treating fire victims and also fighting the fire, this firefighter resume template will be useful for you to write down your professional resume and show your skills. Available in MS Word format, this resume is very easy to be modified so that it will be relevant with your personal details. There are sections to explain your resume objective, professional experience and educational background.

Resume Template for Job History Firefighter

If you are an experienced firefighter and want to write a concise and professional firefighter resume, this template is very suitable for you. You can write down your personal information, resume summary, educational background, employment experiences, training and certifications, volunteer experiences, experiences related to leadership and affiliations in the provided spaces.

Resume Template for Firefighter Skills

If you want to write down a comprehensive firefighter resume, this template is a perfect guide for you. Write down your resume summary, personal details, educational background and also your employment history in the available sections. Provided in MS Word format, this template is very easy to be adjusted so that it will fit your personal information.

Resume Sample for Federal Firefighter

This template is designed for those who already have experience working as a federal firefighter. There are sections available for you to write down the job objective, personal information, summary of qualifications, job experiences and your educational background.

Resume Template for Firefighter

Prove that you have what it takes to be a great firefighter by using this professional template. It comes in MS Word format so it will be easier for you to edit the template and highlight your working experiences as a firefighter.



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