Dog Trainer Job Description and Its FAQ


For the daycare center, a dog trainer has an important role to do. Based on the dog trainer job description, of course, an individual in this position will have a responsibility to train the dog. They should serve the dog and make it feel at home. On another hand, a dog trainer also should have in-depth knowledge about how to treat an animal.

Dog Trainer Job Description Template

The daycare center will hire an experienced and enthusiastic dog trainer to join with the team. A selected dog trainer will face some responsibilities, such as evaluating the temperament of dogs, providing the regular progress update to the clients, and other matters.

For the recruiter, to get a talented dog trainer, they could use the template of the job description. A template is an important document to show detailed requirements to be fulfilled by a candidate. Of course, the qualification will be easier to be done.

Then, for a candidate, to be a good and successful dog trainer, they need to have high patient and passionate about dog training. In-depth knowledge about the training techniques also becomes part of the requirements. Only those who pass the requirements can be selected.

Dog Trainer Responsibilities

As its name, training the dog becomes the main responsibility of the dog trainer. However, an individual in this position will face some other responsibilities, such as:

  • Consulting with the clients to discuss the training needs
  • Identifying the behavior of the dog and communicating it to the clients
  • Developing suitable training plans for the dog and then documenting the progress during the training
  • Teaching the dogs with the basic commands using the various training technique
  • Implementing an appropriate program for the training to address and to resolve the problem area
  • Ensuring that the area for training is clean and tidy
  • Teaching the clients with the appropriate methods
  • Contacting the clients to remind about the schedule or the payment

Dog Trainer Requirements

To be capable of handling all responsibilities as mentioned, a dog trainer should fulfill some requirements as the standard of the ability. The requirements to be fulfilled by the dog trainer are:

  • GED or high school diploma
  • Knowledge about the training technique for the dog
  • Knowledge about the animal’s body language
  • Proven experience as the dog trainer
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Great time management skills
  • Strong dog handling skills
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Lover of a dog
  • Patients
  • Enthusiastic

Dog Trainer FAQ

What are the main duties of the dog trainer?

Training the dog becomes the main duty of the dog trainer. However, a dog trainer also needs to make the training plan to make sure that the completed training will be running well and maximal. They also should coordinate with the owner of the dog.

Can I edit the posted job description of the dog trainer?

Yes, you can. The posted dog trainer job description here is editable. You can get the samples by clicking the download button and then personalize the information inside it based on the need of your healthcare using Microsoft Word.


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