Dance Instructor Job Description and its Qualification 


A dance instructor has an important role to train a dancer. They will have the responsibility to lead dance classes for an individual or group of people. Besides, a dance instructor also has other duties such as teaching various dancing techniques. The teacher also will give a lesson to both children and adults to demonstrate dance before the class. Therefore, a dance instructor job description is important to create.

A dance instructor job description template 

Looking for a dance instructor should be careful because it has an important role. You have to hire a passionate dance instructor to join in the vibrant dance studio. A dance instructor also will be responsible to teach and train a dynamic group of students in a range of techniques and dance styles to make sure that all students are engaged.

Besides, a dance instructor also will make sure and inspire to achieve the goals in the chosen are of dance. Moreover, they also will demonstrate the dance before the class to teach the students effectively in the new moves.

The responsibilities of a dance instructor 

As a dance instructor, you should know some responsibilities to do in your job. Some dance instructor responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Capable to teach using some dance styles and methodologies from the beginner to advance level
  • Improve the dance curriculum and prepare the lesson plans
  • Capable to speak with a diverse group of teacher and also the student
  • Explain and demonstrate the techniques and methods of regulating movement of the body musical or rhythmic accompaniment
  • Support, engage and motivate the students to reach the aim
  • Assess the student performance and make a recommendation for development
  • Follow the group and private lesson as required
  • Give a fun and creative environment
  • Keep up the date in the discipline and implement any changes to the dance routine and curriculum
  • Teach the theory and practice of dance notation
  • Teac the history of dance

The requirements of a dance instructor 

If you want to be a dance instructor, you also need to fulfill some requirements. Some dance instructor requirement descriptions are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in dance or qualification from an accredited college
  • Having experience as a dancer instructor
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Having a good sense of quality music
  • Able to control groups of pupils
  • Energetic, driven, creative, and also dependable
  • Demonstrate patience and leadership skills
  • Being physically fit
  • Ability to work with people of all ages
  • Having an understanding of health and safety
  • Ability to motivate others

The dance instructor FAQs

What is an education for a dance instructor?

To be a dance instructor, you need to have degree programs offered by some college and performing arts school. Suitable with a sample dance instructor job description above, some employers require applicants to have a dance degree.

Can I edit the dance instructor job description here?

Of course, you can. The dance instructor job description template here is editable. You can change and edit some detailed information on our dance instructor job description here without any difficulties. You only need to download on our page here by clicking the downloaded button.


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