Crane Operator Job Description – What To Understand Before Applying For This Position



A crane operator is responsible for operating the cranes on the sites to lift, move, and position materials. They are generally working on construction sites and deal with heavy loads. For further information, you can learn the short summary of the crane operator job description bellow.

The Responsibilities In The Crane Job Description

Operating the cranes

As we have mentioned, the crane operator is responsible for operating the cranes from driving it to the sites, lifting the loads or heavy objects, and many more. However, crane operators must work under supervision.

Doing inspection

a crane operator is a risky job that requires you to do inspection regularly to check some broken parts of the cranes. It is not only checking the machines but also you have to check how this performs. for example, checking how smooth it lifts the loads, and moving it to another place.

Doing Maintenance

Maintenance is a regular task of a crane operator. This includes restoring every component to the original place so you can avoid it from deterioration. You have to lubricate the parts, changing the oils, making adjustments of the components, and so on. By doing this regularly, you can make sure the crane can be operated safely.

Setting up the manual

Another crane operator job description is to set up the operator manual. Whether you are working in a shift or not, setting up the manuals is crucial to make your work more efficient and avoid a hazard. Additionally, a crane operator also must clean, wear safety equipment, and using the pedal and lever efficiently.

The Requirements In The Crane Operator Job Description

  • Academic – The candidate must at least has a diploma certificate and attach the CDL Class A and CDL Class B licenses. Also, the candidate must have NCCCO certification with experience in this industry for around 4 years.
  • Skills – The candidate must have strong skills in operating the crane and have strong skills in adjusting the cranes part. he has to pass drug, medical and background checks. Additionally, communication and writing skills are required to work in this position.


What Are The Crane Operator’s Jobs?

The crane operators are responsible to operate various types of cranes. The responsibilities include driving the cranes, setting up the manuals, doing inspections for safety, and many more.

How To Be A Successful Crane Operator?

To be a successful crane operator, you must have the skill to operate the crane in an effective way. You will have to get accustomed to being in charge of doing an inspection for safety. It requires you a lot of effort in maintaining the cranes. Furthermore, to be a crane operator requires you to keep the standard accuracy, and work under pressure, for example, extreme weather. You will have to operate the cranes based on the instruction.

what Are The Main Responsibilities in The Crane Operator Job Description?

Generally, the main responsibilities of a crane operator are to handle to the crane from driving it to the sites, maintaining, doing inspection until doing certain jobs related to demand and orders.

To sum up, a crane operator seems doesn’t require a high academic certificate, but you are required to have strong skills in technical stuff. You will deal a lot with the machine, pressure, and other physical activities. Understand well the crane operator job description to help you make your best resume.

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