Intern Job Description and Its Tasks & Duties


An intern helps the company with some duties given by different teams like data capturing, research, or working closely with various team members for learning more about the company. Different companies may give different tasks & duties and require different qualifications. For more detailed about it, let’s see the following intern job description.

Intern Job Description Template

We are hiring an intern who is dynamic and energetic. An intern must be eager to learn about our company. In this role, you will help different departments. You will work closely with our time and conduct research, attend meetings, capture data, etc.

To be a good intern, you must help with some duties tasked by a supervisor. An intern will be involved in different projects and help with current campaigns. The following intern job description template will present the responsibilities and requirements in more detailed.

Intern Job Responsibilities

An intern has many tasks & duties. The tasks and duties are given by a supervisor. It can be different from one another. In our company, there are some intern job responsibilities to do. Below, you can see the list of tasks & duties an intern will have to do:

  • Fulfills tasks that are set by our supervisors from different department available in our company
  • Attends meetings as well as takes minutes
  • Performs different kinds of researches based on the requests from the supervisors
  • Updates different platforms of social media as well as writes copies for posts
  • Creates images for posts on social media

Intern Job Required Qualifications

As an intern, you become one of the most important positions in our company. So, you must have certain educational degree, skills, and abilities. To fulfill this position, you have to meet the intern required qualifications. For more detailed, you can see the following list presented below:

  • A recent graduate but a final year student is also allowed
  • Eager for learning and working with different departments available in our company
  • Excellent skills of communication both written and verbal
  • Proficiency of Ms. Office programs such as Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. PowerPoint, and many more
  • Ability of working on multitasks
  • Ability of working well under pressures

Intern Job Description FAQs

What does an intern do in a company?

Data capturing, research, or working closely with various team members for learning more about the company belong to some of the main tasks and duties given to an intern. For more detailed responsibilities, you can see the template posted here.

Can I edit the posted intern job description template here?

Of course, you can. Everyone is allowed to use this editable job description template. Even more, you can edit it first to fit your needs. You can easily add or remove the details in the template including the responsibilities and requirements.

Do you have interview questions for an intern?

Besides the intern job description, some interview question samples are also available on this web. You can find them on another page.


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