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ID card is something very important: it allows people to know who you are whether in offices or events. People have it hanging on their neck, sometimes they pin it on their shirt pocket, just like an accessory. Regarding its design, it also varies, starting from a simplified one to the most trend-following designs. If you are in charge to make ID cards for your organization/office projects, don’t panic as thousands of ID card template are available to download. You will only give a few additional touches to get it into perfection. Pretty much answering your hassle, isn’t it?

The Use of ‘Good-Looking’ ID Card Template


The following are 3 reasons why you should also consider using a nice, fancy ID card:


Leveling up the employee-customers relationship

Believe it or not, good ID card brings decent impression as well. Why so – in case of customers, it simply shows that you are the legitimate person to deal with their concerns. From this path, it will create trust, once you as the employee; do the follow up in a good manner.

It brings pride

Not only it makes someone accountability much greater, having a bonny card made from a nice ID card template will make its wearer proud. Although it takes time to get adjusted and not forgetting to attach that every morning, attaching an ID card can bring this sense of accomplishment for that one.


To counter awkwardness

There are times that you need to meet new people. ID card is such a help to avoid you getting in an awkward moment: self-introductory. By reading your name at the card, it’ll help that person to know your name and where you are working at. Once again, good card brings decent impression.


How to Work with ID Card Template


Once you’ve landed in the template-offering site, what you need to do is not that hard. To be simply put, below is what you need to do to customize the ID card template.

Pick a size and shape. It is a compulsory thing to pick a regular ID card shape and size. Normally, ID cards are rectangular, either portrait or horizontal is fine. The size is exactly the same as your CC or ATM card, which is 3.375×2.125 inch.

Set a color theme. Setting it means you need to choose the color combination perfectly fits both your preferences and the company’s demand.

Click download, then using the compatible program, fill in the template with the information needed: your company logo, photo, name, division, etc.

Save the file. It’s that easy.


ID Card Template Modern Styles


You might wonder what trend is there for ID cards these days. There is nothing evolutional, frankly said. It is just customization that happened here and there. So, to help you choose the templates, here are some insights for you:

Use flat design

Flat design promotes simplicity, 2-dimensional design, minimalism, and bright colors. In an ID card, the application of flat design lies in the prominent use of overlapping geometric shapes without any shades featured – remember, it’s a 2-dimensional design. Don’t use too much color.


Rounded photo

Rectangle photos are just old-fashioned. Level up the photo by cropping it into a circular shape.


Choosing the Right ID Card Template


The right ID card template is relative for everyone. Luckily, there are lots of websites offering various extravagant templates to work with. As previously mentioned, you’ll need to set a color theme first so that the template will fit and work wonders for your ID card.



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