Grip Job Description: Knowing The Information Related To The Requirements And Responsibilities 


One important job in the production sets is the grip. Generally, the grip can be found in the film industry and television responsible for developing, constructing, and developing professional production sets. In the grip job description, the grip usually does things, including rig the production equipment, adjust the camera operator, set the lightings, and fix the set equipment to get a perfect shot. If you are interested in applying for this job, please read the information below!

Things About The Responsibilities Of Grip Job Description 

It would be better to know the responsibilities of grip to be professional in the workplace. There are three primary responsibilities, including:

1. Managing The Production Sets 

Generally, a professional grip always designs, develops, builds, and constructs all the production sets daily. This person is responsible for taking care of anything correctly and adequately based on the standard. The grip also needs to rig equipment, unpack camera, and lay dolly tracks.

2. Assembling Camera Production Sets 

The grip needs to assemble camera production sets such as jibs, dollies, cranes, static rigs, and tracks. This person also needs to test the safety and strength of each equipment to get better results.

3. Managing The Shooting Process 

The grip also helps the production sets in moving set pieces, spotting the camera, and moving light fixtures. Most importantly, the responsibility of grip is repairing and maintaining the rigging equipment.

Things About The Requirements Of Grip Job Description 

If you are interested in this job, please check several requirements below before applying to this job, including:

1. Having Related Background

If you are interested in applying for this job, you need to get a GED or high school diploma. It would be so much better if you get a degree in filmmaking. The candidates also need to gain experience in the television or film industry. It is because it helps the candidates to get familiar with terms in the production industry.

2. Having Good Other Abilities or Skills 

The grip must be able to lift heavy equipment, work at heights, work in irregular hours, and travel anywhere. The grip also needs to good at advanced electrical, carpentry, and mechanical skills. The grip needs to good at communication skills because this person needs to work with other production teams.


1. What is a grip? 

A professional grip is someone who works at the Production Company. A grip is someone responsible for building and developing the construction production sets and also its equipment. Generally, the grip has to deal with any material that develops production sets and supports the cameras.

2. What must you do before posting the grip job description?

It would be better if the candidates know all the responsibilities and requirements of a professional grip. The candidates have to gain an excellent knowledge of production sets and carpentry such as electrical work and metalwork. The professional grip should have excellent skills, creative design skills, and having flexible hours to work.

3. What is the grip usually do in their works? 

The successful grip will work under the Dolly Grip or Key. This person also deals with something related to production sets such as hanging lights, rigging camera cranes, building dolly tracks, and performing other general rigging responsibilities.


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