Food Runner Job Description and its FAQ


A food runner is commonly known as a server assistant because they have a responsibility to deliver the food from the kitchen to the customer in a restaurant. Besides, a food runner also will make sure that each customer receives the correct order so that they will get satisfaction in order. Therefore, a food runner job description will be useful in this condition to create.

The food runner job description design ideas

Since a food runner has a relation job to the customer, they will have an important job. You have to choose the proper food runner to work with. Therefore, you need to select an energetic and professional food runner to join. They will perform a range of tasks such as preparing the tables, serving the orders, explaining meals, and also facilitate the collaboration.

Besides, a food runner also will answer any questions from the customers and also refilling the customer’s drink. Moreover, handing an order to the chef is the main responsibility as a food runner.

As a food runner, you do not need to have any experience but you need to have a high school diploma. The ideal candidate for this job position is friendly, professional, and also able to communicate with the people.

The responsibilities of the food runner 

Some responsibilities should be known for the food runner to work. Some food runner responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Help the customers with their orders by explaining the specials, meals, and also drinks
  • Send the food orders to a variety of customers promptly
  • Explain accurately food orders to the chefs with specific attention to allergies and special requirement
  • Make sure the customers getting the correct orders
  • Double-check the order before it giving to the customers
  • Assist the wait staff to set the table up by placing the proper tableware, eating utensils, and so forth
  • Check the customer to handle any impromptu requests
  • Clean the dirty dishes from the table
  • Inform the management about the customer’s feedback

The requirements of the food runner 

You also need to fulfill some requirements if you want to be a food runner. Some food runner requirements descriptions are:

  • High school diploma
  • Having more than 2 years’ experience in a similar role
  • Awesome communication and people skills
  • Capable to stay professional in a stressful work environment
  • Great multitasking skills
  • Capable to work different hours including the weekends, days and also nights
  • Capable to stand on the feet for 8 hours at least
  • Ability to move at least 40 pounds

The food runner FAQs

How much is the food runner’s salary?

Although the food runner job description template is not explained clearly, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for this job is about $19.000 per year. The highest-earning for this job is about $25.000 per year.

What are the main skills for a food runner?

If you read more in the sample food runner job description above, you will see the main skills for this job is physical stamina should be great. Besides, communication skills and also attention to detail are also needed to write in the food runner job description.


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