Dog Walker Job Description – What Are Aspects To Have By A Dog Walker?


The dog walker is responsible for what is happening to the dogs during the working hours. He/she should observe the dogs during the walk and provide updates to the clients when walking around. In this case, the dog walker walks at a certain time approved by the owners. The person who is responsible for this job is required to love dogs and understand well about the dog’s stuff. For further details, you can read the following dog walker job description to get a better idea.

The Responsibilities In The Dog Walker Job Description

There are some responsibilities that should be done by a dog walker which are including:

Walking The Dogs

The person who is responsible in handling the dogs during the walking schedule should be available in various weather conditions or in certain schedule that is approved by the owner. The individual should love the dog very much that they can create bonding.

Providing Consultation

When meeting a new client, the dog walker is obligated to provide consultation and provide necessary information about the service. This includes a suitable schedule and gives regular updates such as sharing photos and other important stuff about the dogs.

Taking Care Of The Dogs

Besides walking the dog, the dog walker should take care of it including providing fresh water and food, cleaning the pet waste, observing the dogs whether they show normal or abnormal behavior. Also, the dog walker has to notify the owner when getting injured or sick during or after walking.

The Requirements In The Dog Walker Job Description

  • Education – The candidate must have at least a high school diploma certificate. If he/she has the GED certificate, it is a point plus. Another certificate or license required is the driver license.
  • Background and Experience – The candidate must have a clean driving record and has experience in working with dogs.
  • Skills – Another thing to include is the candidate must be able to walk the dogs during peak times, understand the dogs’ behavior, patient, reliable, punctual, and responsible.


What’s A Dog Walker’s Job?

A walker dog is responsible to walk dogs at certain times required by the owners. The dogwalkers also have to wipe the dog’s paw, providing food and drink properly, transporting the dogs safely to home and bring the dogs to venetarian if suddenly the dogs get sick.

What To Consider Before Posting The Dog Walker Job Description?

Before you post the job description, you need to understand your dog specific needs and behavior so the dog walker won’t get confused or do the wrong treatments when you are absent. It is also to help the dog walker understand the dog character faster.

What Kind Of Duties Are Included In The Dog Walker Job Description?

The main duties of a dog walker are walking the dogs in various conditions, doing discussion and consultation with clients, observing and recording the dogs while walking it, making a schedule, providing an upgrade to the clients during the walk, and providing foods.

By knowing the general responsibilities, duties and requirements, it is expected that you will get a better idea for writing your dog walker job description.

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