Criminologist Job Description and FAQs


A criminologist is a person who is tasked to collect & analyze data that relates to crime scenes in order to determine how & why that crime happened. He or she may coordinate with law enforcement officers, scientists, psychologists, and sociologists to develop a better understanding of the crime & prevent the future crime. Below, let’s see the more detailed criminologist job description.

Criminologist Job Description Template

In the role of a criminologist, you are tasked to investigate scenes of crime, perform autopsies, & gather data. Besides, you should also try to find motives or factors related to the crime case. The success is determined by how you can collect & process data of crime scene so that it solves the case efficiently.

It is very important to know the detailed tasks and duties to be done by a criminologist. That is why we will provide you a criminologist job description template in this article. You can use it to post the advertisement of job career via online.

Criminologist Responsibilities

Even though you have known the responsibility of a criminologist in general, you will still need to look at the responsibilities further. Talking about the criminologist tasks and duties, below is the list of what a criminologist will have to do:

  • Working with a crime lab technician and a law enforcement officer closely
  • Gathering data or evidence related to the crime
  • Analyzing & organizing data of the crime scene
  • Using the appropriate equipment or tools & methods in order to assess data of the crime scene
  • Studying psychological and social factors that relate to suspects
  • Documenting and presenting findings of research

Criminologist Requirements

There are some required qualifications all the candidates have to meet. The requirements relate to education, experience, certification, skill, etc. For the detailed criminologist job qualification, pay attention to the following list below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in sociology, criminology, or other related fields
  • Minimum two years of working experience in the similar field, preferably as a criminologist
  • License or certification to practice criminology
  • Excellent skills of research & communication
  • Analytical & critical thinker
  • Detail oriented
  • Proficient with related software & hardware

Criminologist Job FAQs

What does a criminologist do?

There are many tasks and duties to be done by a criminologist. However, the main responsibility is to collect & analyze data that relates to crime scenes in order to determine how & why that crime happened. So, you have to be familiar with this.

Can I edit the posted criminologist job description here?

Of course, you can. Everyone is allowed to download the job description template. Even more, you are also allowed to edit it. You can add or remove the details included in the customizable criminologist job description template easily.

Do you have interview questions for a criminologist?

This web does not only provide the criminologist job description. However, you can also find some interview question samples on this web. These will be useful to interview the candidates who apply for this position.


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