Courtesy Clerk Job Description and the FAQ


The courtesy clerk is commonly found in the grocery store. As a courtesy clerk, they have the main duty to greet the customers and help them with the locating items in the store. Therefore, they need to be knowledgeable about the products so that they can answer about the product very well. In this idea, a courtesy clerk job description will be the best choice to select a good candidate for working.

The courtesy clerk job description template design

A courtesy clerk job description has a big role in the grocery so that you need to be careful to select any candidates for this position. You need to select a customer-focused courtesy clerk for your company that can enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Besides, a courtesy clerk also will make sure that the store is a pleasant and relaxed environment for customers.

Furthermore, a courtesy clerk also will bag and carry the customer’s purchase to the vehicles. They also will keep the store and surrounding areas clean and tidy so that the customer will be comfortable when they are in the grocery shop.

To succeed in a courtesy clerk, you need to be hard-working and also have a positive attitude at all times. The top candidate for this job position is friendly, honest, and desired to go the extra mile.

The responsibilities of a courtesy clerk 

The courtesy clerk has some responsibilities to know for the candidate. Some courtesy clerk responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Greet and welcome each the visitor-friendly and politely and in a friendly manner
  • Give help for the customers in locating items on the sales floor
  • Sweep and mop the store floors and keep the restroom clean and tidy
  • Asking the customer’s purchasing swiftly and efficiently
  • Help the customers and cashiers to verify the prices
  • Give the customers with carry-out service
  • Replenish check stand supplies like a shopping bag
  • Remove the trash receptacles and cleaning spills
  • Resolve the customer complaints and give the information and reply to the customer’s question
  • Demonstrate an atmosphere of enthusiastic customer awareness
  • Improve the knowledge of present product location, monitor UPC codes and make sure the proper price

The requirements of a courtesy clerk 

Besides, the courtesy clerk also needs some requirements to fulfill. Some courtesy clerk requirements descriptions are:

  • High school diploma
  • Good verbal communication skills and reply the question
  • Strength and stamina to stand and walk for an extended period
  • Understanding the layout of the store and the location of products on the sales floor
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Warm and persuasive personality to guide customers in selecting the product for purchase
  • Desire to take part in on the job training and occasional staff meeting

The courtesy clerk FAQ

How is the work environment for a courtesy clerk?

The sample courtesy clerk job description above shows that the work environment for a courtesy clerk is depending on the store hours. Moreover, most managers of the store will schedule the employees around the class times at school.

How much is the salary for a courtesy clerk?

Although the courtesy clerk job description template does not show about the salary, the salary of courtesy clerk has ranged from $8 to $12 an hour. Of course, it will depend on the sore and the clerk previous experience that is written in the courtesy clerk job description.


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