Contract Administrator Job Description – Every Detail That Matters In This Field


A contract administrator is a person who is responsible for managing business contracts, sales, purchase, employment contracts, or even proposals. If you are planning to level up your career in this field, read the following summary about the contract administrator job description.

Contract Administrator Job Description

Typically, the contract administrator works in various fields from educational institutions, engineering firms, even insurance. Generally, the contract administrator job description consists of similar tasks such as:

  • Cooperating with staff to analyze the contract and develop strategies.
  • developing standardized language and guidelines.
  • Ensuring the contracts are complying with the guidelines and laws.
  • Making collaboration with the human resources, legal and internal procurements staff.
  • Clarifying the contract conditions, processes, details with the business partners, management as well as employees.
  • Gathering information related to contract from certain parties.
  • Reviewing, verifying, and resolving the discrepancies.
  • Ensuring the required document is already completed and maintaining them in hard copies or soft copies.
  • Assisting parties related to contract development and negotiations, such as developing terms and conditions, revision, and drafting.
  • Identifying various risks of the contracts such as identifying how the contract might affect the company.


The Skills Needed In The Contract Administrator Job Description

To be a professional administrator, of course, certain skills are needed besides the academic background. You must fulfill the following skills:

  • You have a rich knowledge of legal requirements related to contracts.
  • You have to be experienced in SAP/ERP.
  • You have good proficiency in operating MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Excellent communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
  • A strong capability in reading comprehension.
  • You have proficiency in detecting inconsistencies and errors in the contract drafts.

Speaking about the academic background, it is always preferable if the candidate coming from mathematics, business administration, or economics with a two-year experience. If a person wants to work in this field, he or she must love details as the job will deal a lot with the contract documents. He or she must make sure every draft made is complying with laws and other documents are attached accordingly.

Also, it is a good start to impress employers with a good resume. You can take the objective statements below as an inspiration.

  • I worked as a contract administrator for some years then, and I would like to be back in this sector to gain more knowledge, connection, and level up my skill. I would be happy to join your company.
  • I would like to learn something new directly from the field I am working with. Therefore, I am willing to spend all of my energy and knowledge of your company.
  • I would love to hear some news from you that you will give me a little chance to present my skills.
  • I love administrative duties because it gives me a sense of satisfaction. With the skills I will gain when working in your company, I would like to apply as a candidate for the contract administrator.

That is all our resume about the contract administration job description. Don’t forget to check all details and requirements before submitting your application.

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