BDC Representative Job Description


A BDC representative or a Business Development Center Representative has a big role in the company. They are responsible to identify and secure the new sales leads and also keep the client’s relationship well. Because of that, you will need a BDC representative job description that will help you to get the best candidate to work together on your company or organization.

The BDC representative job description responsibilities 

Since a BDC representative has a crucial role, you need to find an enthusiastic BDC representative to join and improve the dealership’s sales team. As a BDC representative, you need to be responsible to coordinate for all incoming requests via telephone or online. Searching for the potential sales leads and booking appointments for the showroom are also other responsibilities of a BDC representative.

Besides, a BDC representative also will strive to generate repeat the business by reaching out to the present customers and ensuring complete satisfaction in ownership.

If you want to be a successful BDC representative, you need to have a knack for marketing and sales. The top candidate for this job position is professional and also friendly individuals with a desire for great customer service.

The BDC representative responsibilities 

There are some responsibilities to know if you want to be a BDC representative. Some BDC representative responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Reply incoming phone calls and online inquiries
  • Notes the customer details and comments for system
  • Plan the appointments and following up with any no show customers
  • Keep thorough, up to date understanding of the products
  • Greet and help walk-in customers and treat all clientele with courtesy and respect
  • Speak effectively with internal customers and prospects suitable with the preferred method communication
  • Manage internet sales leads and reply to inquiries in a timely fashion
  • Keep a-going customer database to capture repeat business
  • Obeying to all company policies and procedures
  • Keep contact with the customers to make sure that they are happy with the service
  • Make sure the potential customer of any promotion
  • Help with many other tasks at the dealership

The BDC representative requirements 

Besides, you also need to fulfill some requirements if you want to be a BDC representative. Some BDC representative requirements descriptions are:

  • Degree in business or marketing or related field
  • Show the experience in sales,
  • Great written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly organized with an ability to learn quickly
  • Expert in Microsoft Office software
  • Professional and friendly conduct

The BDC representative FAQ

What does a BDC representative do?

The main duties of a BDC representative are responsible to handle all incoming phone calls and internet leads. Besides, they also will identify and secure the new sales lead and keeping the relations for the clients. The main duties of this job are written in the BDC representative job description template.

Can I customize the BDC representative job description here?

Of course, you can. The BDC representative job description document here is editable. It means that you can edit and change any detailed information in the BDC representative job description suitable for your company’s needs.


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