Activities Assistant Job Description – What Are The Requirements And The Duties


When an individual is working as an activities assistant, then there is a list of duties that needs to do Generally, then he/she need to make a plan that covers certain goals such as for recreational and social events which can be conducted for a various environment for example retirement homes, summer camps and so on. Usually, this person needs the activities aids to ease the work in creating the activities plan.

The Responsibilities In The Activities Assistant Job Description

There are some responsibilities to know when someone wants to work as the activities assistant. Here are some of them:

  • Creating a plan for various events that can encourage relaxation, socialization, and recreation. Besides planning, the person needs to facilitate the activities in daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Creating activities for people with special needs.
  • Conducting logistics and needed things for the events from making a phone call, training the employees and volunteers, budgeting, advertising and also transportation and accommodation.
  • Conducting a survey by asking feedback from the participants.
  • Making records about the participant’s interest, event planning resources and unexpected events during events such as incidents.
  • Making a report of medical concern.
  • Making sure the events are well-planned and check all of the required details through organization manner such as making sure the staff is trained and prepared well, budget resources, place and time will be taken.
  • Giving participants understandable instruction.
  • Enforcing safety procedures.

What Are The Requirements In The Activities Assistant Job Description?

If you want to post this job description, make sure you will include the following important requirements:

  • Having at least a school diploma and other specific certifications that ca support the position.
  • It is more preferred if someone has another experience related to recreation activities, nursing, event organizer, event planning, etc that are related to the job description.
  • The CPR, first aid knowledge and job training will be necessary.
  • The individual should pass the background check along with the drug screening.
  • The individual should be in a fit condition and be able to dance, stand, walk, lift and other physical activities that related to the role of the position.
  • The individual should have a good skill in management, record keeping, computer, decision making, interpersonal, verbal and written communication.
  • The person should have patience in dealing with a team and people from various backgrounds.
  • The job requires a flexible time, especially in the mornings, evenings and weekends.
  • The individual has the willingness to adhere to and enforce safety procedures.


What’s An Activities Assistant’s Job?

An activities assistant is a person who organizes and implements various activities in certain settings, for example, camps, nursing homes, retirement, cruise ships and also recreation center. This person will design specific programs with various purposes such as promoting physical activities, entertainment or continuing education.

What Should You Do Before Posting The Activities Assistant Job Description?

You have to have listed down the areas that need to be designed and improved, and then consider the most important duties you want the activities assistant do for you.

What Are The Most Common Duties To Include In This Position?

There is a long list of duties of a activities assistant job description. This includes creating a plan and facilities for the daily, weekly and monthly activities. The activities assistant needs to make a certain record too for example for medical purposes.

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