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Water Bottle Label Template Idea and Design

You often get water bottle with unique label. It is not from regular product you often buy at store. The label is specifically designed for certain event, such as sport. You may use the label for company branding or wedding. People will see this as interesting idea. For such purpose, you should utilize the water bottle label template.

The label is usually made of glossy paper or plastic wrapped on the bottle. It is only attached at slightly at top, and you can grasp the bottle under the label. In general, it has long rectangle layout with the length more than diameter of bottle. You may extend the size with wider version to accommodate more contents.

Water Bottle Label Template Idea

Using the template has several benefits. Firstly, you can get many variations regarding the design and idea. The label is available for formal, casual, and business style. Moreover, you may consider making your own label with template as reference.

Water bottle label template will shorten your effort and time. You just focus on the theme, concept, and content that should be on that label. The idea for using this label comes from sport event. You can see unique water bottle with label not from the commercial, but the team name. After that, it spreads into event and personal use.

Water Bottle Label Template Purposes

Before making the label for bottle water, you should know the purposes. Check the following list for more explanation.

Water bottle business

The obvious purpose is you are in the water bottle business. You can start a new venture and decide to sell the water bottle. The competition is tough, but the label is your tool to attract more customers. In this case, you should focus on supplying water bottle for specific event.


Marketing and branding

Another purpose is for marketing. You can attend product release from certain company. The guests will receive water bottle and the label contains the company name.

Event and party

As similar with branding and marketing, this label is useful for event, such as concert and sport, including party. With attractive design, the water bottle represents the event.


Wedding and personal event

You can use water bottle as beverage during wedding. Instead of usual commercial water, you can replace the label with the wedding theme. The name of bride and groom is printed directly. It is the unique design and idea. Personal events like birthday, graduation, and anniversary are also capable to implement this label.

Water Bottle Label Template Design and Component

The next list shows some components that are mostly added on the water bottle label template. You just customize, and make sure the label is suitable with your needs. Check the details below.

The main layout and background

Logo and design

Name, brand, or quote

Water Bottle Label Template Format

Creating this label is not a problem because you can use Ms. Word. Add some texts, photos, and color then print directly. With water bottle label template, you can make more elegant style. The label is ready-made file that everyone can download and edit.  More designs and variations provide many options that you may use.


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