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Employee of the Month Template for Official Certificate

Company gives utmost appreciation for employees who work hard. One of them will be the “employee of the month”. This award is useful to motivate others. Of course, a selected person will get bonus and certificate. If you are in charge for designing the award and certificate, using employee of the month template is the best solution.

With the template, you just add the name and photo directly. Moreover, the basic layout already has all components, such as title, company logo, background, etc. This kind of certificate has significant contribution to get the promotion.

Employee of the Month Template Idea and Purposes

You can use employee of the month template for designing the proper certificate. The idea is the company must have certificate for this purpose with elegant style and official vibe. With the template, designing becomes easier and faster. The company should choose the design for one-year period. Each month, employee will receive it with adjusting mode on the name, photo, and period.

Employee of the Month Template Design

The basic design is similar with other certificates. In fact, you can get those templates and modify them for this purpose. The template is designed with standard paper and layout with some items. It also has stylish font to make the writing more elegant.

Employee of the Month Template Components

This certificate can have various designs and styles, but the main components are relatively similar. You can compare two or more templates to make sure each is designed for this kind of certificate. The next list explores the items you often find on the employee of the month template.

  1. Title

The first thing you see is the title stated “employee of the month”. It is important since each certificate has different purpose. You can change this part as long as the meaning is similar.


  1. Company name and logo

The next component is anything to indicate the company, division, or organization. On this certificate, you see the company name and logo. Both are necessary to make sure the certificate is in the right place.

  1. Employee name and photo

The key component is the employee name and photo. This part uses bold and big font that’s easier to read. For photo, it is optional because some companies only use the name. If there is photo section, make sure it is enough for regular size.


  1. Date and time

Next, the certificate has the date and time, including period. It is for employee of the month, which means there is a period of this certificate. You can put this one before or after the name.


  1. Thank you and appreciation note

The certificate also includes the appreciation notes. It stated that the company appreciates your work and dedication.


  1. Signature

The last component is signature and the name who gives the certificate. It is for manager, CEO, leader, or superior officer.

Employee of the Month Template Format

Employee of the month template is available with some formats. You can edit, modify, and expand the contents. As long as the main component is still related, your design will look interesting. Choose the format that you can work with and make sure the file is compatible.

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