Website Manager Job Description Template and FAQs


A web manager is an IT specialist who helps an organization by managing its official website. He or she oversees the web functionality; evaluates & manages the performance of the web, facilitates hosting & server management; and also develops, maintain & update web contents. For the more detailed tasks & duties, you can see the following website manager job description.

Website Manager Job Description Template

We are hiring a web manager who has an analytical mind as well as detailed understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click). A web manager is expected to have a good skill of problem solving, a great attention to detail and also excellent content creating & writing skills.

To ensure a success, a web manager has to display a good understanding of CMS (Content Management Systems) as well as tech infrastructures with Security Audits, Web-Proxy, IDS/IPS, Firewalls, & CSS. Below, we provide the web manager job description in more detailed.

Website Manager Responsibilities

Below is a list of the website manager responsibilities:

  • Plans, implements, manages, monitors, and upgrades the web of the organization
  • Responds to as well as troubleshoot all web problems
  • Identifies and responds to all breaches of web security
  • Enables the right security measures to make sure that the web is protected
  • Updates JavaScript, CSS, and HTML regularly
  • Eliminates redundant & duplicates information to conduct audits of content
  • Makes appropriate web content aligned to the strategy of the organization
  • Conducts regular plans of test to ensure web efficiency & quality
  • Improves the web user experience regularly
  • Collaborates with management & all staff to make sure that the web aligns with strategy of brand as well as meets the standards of the organization
  • Makes strategies to grow web traffic metrics & subscriber base
  • Ensures full compliance on the web with all regulations & laws
  • Keeps up to date with industry best practices
  • Monitors the websites of the competitors

Website Manager Requirements

Here is a list of the web site manager requirements:

  • A degree in the related field
  • Work experience in the same role
  • Knowledge of W3C Web Standards, Content Management Systems, Adobe suite, and Macromedia suite
  • Proficient in JavaScript, mySQL, Access, firewalls, cross-platform & cross-browser compatibility, CSS design, XHTML, and HTML
  • Good understanding of SEO and PPC
  • Ability of troubleshooting web problems in a fast-paced environment
  • Attention to details with good skills of analytical mind & problem solving
  • Excellent skills of content creating & writing
  • Great skills of time management with multi-task ability

Website Manager FAQs

What does a web manager do?

Basically, a web manager helps an organization by managing its official website.

Can I edit the posted job description here?

Yes, you can. You can add or remove the details in the job description posted here easily.

Do you have interview questions for a web manager?

Besides the website manager job description, we also provide some interview question samples on another page.


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