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Web Developer Resume

Within nowadays era, the needs of websites are increasing. Various things could be done within a website, such as purchasing things, posting news and announcements, posting offers, etc. Therefore, the needs of web developers also keep raising. Becoming a web developer could expose you to great opportunities, and to grab them, you may need a web developer resume.

Since there are a bunch of competitors out there that may seek a similar opportunity with you, and since you may have similar skills and capabilities, the only experience differs you from the competitors. However, it is possible to win your position as a web developer even you have no experience. Simply compose your web developer resume with no experience and include the relevant details, then you are good to go.

Web Developer Resume Sample

Supply yourself with adequate and compelling insight on web developer resume using the following sample:

Personal Info

Jimmy Roostenstein Stantham

Phone  : (878) 987-245-211-9

Email   : JRStantham@gmail.com


A highly motivated and passionate team player seeking a place where I could implement my proficiency in various web programming languages. Equipped with decent interpersonal skills and analytical skills, and extra relevant coursework and experience, I believe, I would be the perfect person for the team.


Interim Intern Web Development Team


  • Wrote various custom code (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, etc.) for existing websites and web application
  • Assisted in troubleshooting within websites
  • Updated website content, pages, and also its posts
  • Deliver technical support related to websites to internal systems
  • Tested and provided feedback on the beta website and going-to-launch website


Greenpea Polytechnic of Technologies

Software and Website Engineering


GPA: 3.5

Relevant Coursework: New student internal course and e-Learning website of Greenpea University

Expected Graduation: 2021

Membership: Member of Greenpea Junior IT Support Community

Key Skills:

  • Adequate HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript skills
  • Good Responsive design skills
  • Decent analytical skills
  • Acceptable interpersonal skills
  • Testing and debugging skills
  • Search engine optimization skills


  • Team member of e-Learning and internal course for new student web development in Greenpea University


  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish

How to write Web Developer Resume

In case you want to compose your resume and wonder where to start, the following steps should be your guide for composing the best web developer resume:

  • State the clearest personal information regarding yourself
  • Whether you want to write a resume for the experienced one or not, highlighting your education and certification is important. Consider putting this detail on your resume
  • Add your relevant achievements, accomplishments, and projects you have ever done. By team or solo.
  • Provide the unique and stand-out ability that differs you from the competitors.
  • Mention your technical proficiency in certain areas. For example WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, or PHP proficiency
  • Always re-read and review the resume you wrote. Proofread to make sure your resume is free from grammatical errors and typos.

What do Employers Expect to Discover in a Web Developer

Most employers already put expectations towards their recruits. The following is the employer’s expectation towards you as the recruits.

  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and other specific web programming languages
  • Honesty
  • Able to work within a team and certain deadlines
  • Willingness to learn, and able to learn quickly

What to Include Within Your Web Developer Resume

Mostly, the candidates would wonder what to include within their web developer resume. They have a certain fear that if their resume is not meeting the criteria, they will be ignored. Consider the following aspects to be included below to make your resume speaks about you.

  • Contact details information
  • Professional Resume Summary
  • Primary Skills
  • Professional Experiences (or any relevant experience)
  • Education
  • Projects
  • (Optional) Social Media Profiles
  • (Optional) Interests, Hobbies, Extracurricular achievements

What Are 5 Essential Skills Of Being A Web Developer

Below are the essential skills which are required to be a web developer. If you are looking to be one of them, you should possess the following skills.

What to Consider when Writing A Web Developer Resume

After you have what you need to compose your resume, do not forget to consider the following to make your resume is effectively engaging.

  • Prioritize using the reverse-chronological resume format. Follow the example and its best practices
  • Employ a resume summary to grab the employer’s attention
  • Showcase your top accomplishments within your work experience section
  • Providing a portfolio is recommended if you have several decent projects
  • Put a convincing cover letter along with your resume

Kinds of Web Developer Resume

There are several different kinds of web developer resume based on the situations and conditions. You are to choose them wisely which is more relevant to your circumstance to make them effectively leveraged.

Web Developer Resume Template

This two-columned resume is equipped with adequate visual information of yours. The information to be included is summed at visual elements such as interests, hobbies, and skillsets. While the rest is providing good details in eye-friendly readable sections.

Front-End Web Developer Resume Template

If you are keen on a standard style yet a modern resume, this template is best for your needs. Employing sufficient space for your picture and personal info with mini icons, this template would look simple yet modern for you.

Sample Web Developer Resume Template

With almost full visual elements to describe your skills and capabilities, this resume comprises of full decent visual experience. The mini icons and well-furnished layout would ensure that your employer notices you as an energetic person.

Dot Net Web Developer Resume Template

The simple resume for you who are eager to be neutral in design, yet strong within the information you provide. The minimalist color selection also adds up the simple style that you could utilize for your resume.

Back-End Web Developer Resume Template

Providing a minimalist color selection and proportional sectioning, this template would be the best choice for you. The other information detail is described in an eye-catching layout; providing an enjoyable read-through of the resume.

Professional Web Developer Resume Template

A professional resume must not in colorful layout. A professional resume should comprise of good detailing in information. Therefore, this resume template should be a perfect fit for you.

Experienced Web Developer Resume Template

Providing the details in bullet pointers and minimalist design, this resume template should be the best choice for the experienced one that prioritizes highlighting the experience.

PHP Web Developer Resume Template

The resume provides adequate sections and minimal visual elements to highlight your rich information. Pick this resume template if it is relevant to your circumstance.

HTML Web Developer Resume Template

The resume provides bi-colored columns. While the first column provides visual elements detailing personal information, the other column describes the rest.

Entry Level Web Developer Resume Template

For an entry-level, this eye-catching and modern designed template is recommended. Highlighting the key skills and relevant achievements in the web developer field.

Web Developer Resume Sample

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