Valet Job Description: Guide To Be A Valet



What is a valet? A valet is a person who parks the vehicles of the guests. Valets can be found usually in hotels, restaurants, and malls. Valets are responsible for handling the order of the vehicles in the parking lot. They greet and help the guests to park and retrieve their cars or motorbikes. Also, they need to keep the vehicles’ safety until the guests are leaving. To get more understanding about the valet job description, here you are going to learn the duties of valets and the required points to be good valets.

Valet’s Responsibilities

Becoming a valet is not easy. Valets are trusted to keep the vehicles of the guests and thus they must know how to deal with the guests in a good way. In this valet job description, the responsibilities that the valets must do are as follows.

1. Handle The Parking

The main job of valets is parking the vehicles. When guests arrive, valets must greet them and directly assist them in parking the vehicles to the available and safe places. They need to always make sure that the guests park their vehicles in good order. For motorbikes, the valets can easily handle arranging the parking lot even if the guests are not there.

2. Load And Unload The Luggage

Besides helping in parking the vehicles, the valets are also responsible for assisting the guests in loading and unloading the luggage. The valets need to handle the luggage carefully to avoid unwanted troubles.

3. Keep The Vehicles

The valets are responsible for keeping the safety of the guests’ vehicles. No matter how long the guests are inside the hotel, restaurant, or mall, the valets must keep them safe no matter what. The valets also need to make sure that the vehicles are locked and there are nothing important things left inside.

Requirements To Be A Valet

In the valet job description, there are also some requirements needed. The requirements to be a good valet are mentioned below.

1. Driver’s License

To be a valet, you don’t need a certification of a Bachelor’s Degree or anything alike. A driver’s license is required. So, you must be able to drive cars and motorbikes. Also, make sure that you have a good history of traffic offenses.

2. Good Appearance And Behavior

The valets must be friendly to the guests and wear a neat uniform. They need to talk in a good manner and do not shout out loud.

3. Have Good Strength

The valets must be strong since they usually stand under the heat of the sun. Also, when arranging the motorbikes, strength is the thing that they count on.


What Is A Valet Job?

It is a job for people who help the guests in parking the vehicles.

What Are The Things Needed When Applying For The Valet Job?

You need to know what will be your responsibilities and you must have a driver’s license, neat uniform, and strong body.

What Are The Duties Of The Valet Job?

Valets assist the guests in parking the vehicles, loading and unloading the luggage, and keeping the safety of the vehicles.


That’s it about the valet job description. This job position is not that hard to do if you are responsible and meet the requirements needed.




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