Sushi Chef Job Description and its responsibilities 


A sushi chef is a trained Japanese cuisine. Therefore, they will prepare any different kinds of rolls in sushi restaurants. Besides, a sushi chef also has a responsibility to prepare sauce, select the ingredients, and also storing the foods. Because of that, you need to create a sushi chef job description if you want to get the proper chef for your Japanese restaurant.

The sushi chef job description design template 

Since not all people can be a sushi chef, you need to be careful to select the candidate for this job position. You need to choose a highly-skilled sushi chef to prepare the sushi dishes in the restaurant in accordance with health food and safety regulation. They also have the responsibility to prepare the traditional Japanese sushi rice, chopping, slicing, and flattering any kind of fish.

Besides, a sushi chef also will maintain the supplies, creating the menus, and also training the staff. Therefore, you need to be creative and have special cooking skills.

To succeed in a sushi chef job, you also need to make sure that all ingredients used in dishes are the highest quality. Besides, to be a top candidate, you also need to be able to work well under pressure and also maintain the restaurant standard in the busy periods.

The responsibilities of the sushi chef 

As a sushi chef, you also need to know some responsibilities to do in the restaurant. Some sushi chef responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Inspect the quality of fruit, vegetables, and fish used to prepare the sushi dishes
  • Proficiently cutting, slicing and filleting different types of fish
  • Prepare various types of sushi dishes suitable with the established guidelines on quality, portion size, and so forth
  • Keep a clean work environment to prevent food contamination
  • Take inventory regularly for food supplies and other products
  • Report any problems with kitchen tools to the manager on the tasks
  • Speak with the wait staff to make sure about the special request and food allergy consideration
  • Sterilize all utensils, tools, and instruments used in the sushi preparation before usage

The requirements of a sushi chef 

You also need to fulfill some requirements if you want to be a sushi chef. Some sushi chef requirement descriptions are:

  • High school diploma
  • Associate degree in culinary arts or culinary federation certification
  • Show understanding to work in an upscale sushi restaurant
  • Valid food handler’s license
  • Sound experience of food safety regulation
  • Capable to work under pressure
  • Capable to stand for a long period
  • Awesome time-management skills
  • Great customer service skills

The sushi chef FAQ

What does a sushi chef do?

If you read the sushi chef job description template above, the main tasks of a sushi chef are preparing the sushi for restaurants, cafes, and so forth. They also will use various fish-slicing and sushi rolling techniques to prepare sushi dishes.

Can I edit the sushi chef job description here?

Of course, you can. The sample sushi chef job description here is editable. Because of that, you can change or customize any detailed information in the sushi chef job description suitable for your restaurant business condition.


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