7+ Substitute Teacher Resumes


Substitute Teacher Resumes

There are times when a teacher cannot come to the class for teaching due to a specific unavoidable reason. When this situation happens, a substitute teacher is in charge of delivering the lessons. Substitute teachers can work in an institution as part-timers or on a contract basis for a specific length of time.

Substitute teachers carry out the lessons based on the lesson plans that have been made by the classroom teacher. Being a substitute teacher also requires some qualifications that support the process of delivering the lesson in the classroom, including substitute teacher resumes. If you want to pursue a career as a substitute teacher, it’s wise to read the information presented below.

Sample Resume for Substitute Teacher with No Experience

While it’s always better to hire a substitute teacher with experience, sometimes an institution opens the vacancy for any applicants, including the ones with no experience. Below is the sample resume for a substitute teacher with no experience.

Roberts Max Jr.

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 222-111-333

Email: robertmax@email.com


A creative and compassionate Master’s Degree graduate in English Education from XYZ University with a GPA of 3.90. Strong communication skills and familiar with lesson plan implementation in the classroom and several classroom activities and strategies to assist the students in following the lessons well.


Internship as an English Teacher at ABC International High School

2019 – 2020

  • Creating lessons plans for delivering the English lessons
  • Preparing classroom activities, strategies, and materials
  • Delivering the English lessons
  • Assessing students’ English competencies
  • Conducting teaching evaluation with the assisting teacher
  • Taking parts in creating English competition for students


Master Degree of English Education at XYZ University

2018 – 2020

Bachelor Degree in English Education at XYZ University

2014 – 2018

GPA: 3.90 (Master)

Relevant Coursework: Teaching Pedagogy, TEFL, Pre-service Teacher Training

Graduation: 2020

Membership: English Education Students Community

Key Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of English
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong organization and management skill
  • Patience


  • Best Graduate GPA, 2020
  • Winner of Graduate Students’ English Competition at National Level, 2015


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Germany

How to Write Substitute Teacher Resumes

In applying for a substitute teacher, you need to know how to showcase your strength and create an effective resume. We compile the information on how you can have a good resume.

What to Write in the Substitute Teacher Resumes?

After reading the sample resume and tips on how to write a good substitute teacher resume, now you ensure the following information is included.

  • Your data, like identity, email address, and phone number
  • Personal Summary
  • Professional experience
  • Educational Background
  • Relevant Skills
  • An additional relevant experience like an internship and volunteer work

Skills to Include in Substitute Teacher Resumes

Among all the skills that one has, it may not be necessary to include everything. Keep the relevant ones with a substitute teacher to add your value in front of the employers.

  • Subject mastery of English
  • Communication skill
  • Patience
  • Problem-solving
  • Organizational skill

Is a Substitute Teacher a Good Career Choice?

Being a substitute teacher can be a good career option for new graduates who want to apply for an entry-level position. Some people may also pursue a career as a substitute teacher as a side job to get additional income. If you want to apply for this career, it can be a good starting career option.

Kinds of Substitute Teacher Resumes

Sometimes, it takes a lot of preparation to apply for a new job, especially for a teacher. Applicants may be assigned for preparing lesson plans, materials, and activities. Thus, you don’t have enough time to create an impactful resume. That’s when you need resume templates. Below are some template samples that can be your references.

Elementary Substitute Teacher Resume

If you apply for an elementary substitute teacher, this template is for you. Highlighting the crucial skills for elementary teachers, this template employs a neat formatting style to give a professional vibe.

Special Education Substitute Teacher Resume

This template is designed for a substitute teacher for special education. With a powerful professional summary, this template works effectively to pass the resume screening phase.

Substitute Teacher Resume Example

This template applies in most substitute teacher application cases. It manages a simple formatting style where it covers all needed information.

Long-term Substitute Teacher Resume Template

If you want to pursue a substitute teacher for the long term, this template will facilitate in providing thorough and well-structured information and strength of yours, including skills and professional experience.

Entry-Level Substitute Teacher Resume

Newly-graduated students need to use this template for an entry-level position as a substitute teacher. It focuses on the skills and additional experience such as training to add the value of the applicants to the employer.

Substitute Kindergarten Teacher Resume

A kindergarten teacher does need an impactful resume to land a new job and this template will lead you to your dream job. It applies Ms. Word file format that can be easily edited by the applicants.

Substitute Teacher Resume with No Experience

For some of you who don’t have any experience, this template covers it all by highlighting the relevant skills and an impactful career summary for substitute teachers.

Substitute Sample Teacher Resume

This template applies a basic formatting style that provides complete information in a well-structured manner. Almost all substitute teachers can use this template.

Early Learning Center Substitute Teacher

Substitute teacher for early learning center needs this template. It saves their time in preparing the hiring process as they can focus on another thing.

Substitute Teacher of the Deaf Resume

This resume is designed specifically for a substitute teacher of a deaf. It applies a well-structured formatting style that focuses on the professional experience of the applicants.

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