10+ Server Resumes Sample


Server Resumes Sample

Generally, you need an outstanding resume for any kind of job including the server resumes sample. What becomes the focus of the hiring manager is what you are trying to bring to the table so the company can profit from it while letting you grow up to be a better person with better skills. Therefore, a general resume sample must be a great help here.

Note that any kind of server resumes sample doesn’t guarantee you succeed in job seeking. Of course, you need to modify your resume so it matches the company’s requirements. Sometimes, they screen the applications with their software and only pass the ones with the keywords listen in the job listing. That is the reason why some very skillful people cannot pass the first tier of the screening process. Through this template, you know what to write on your resume because most server resume templates we provide come in a professional format.

Sample Of Server Resume

Falco Griece

Personal Info

Phone: (555)676-676-990

Email: Falco.grice@gmail.com


Highly organized individual with a two-year experience providing service for guests during private events. I graduated from the School of Hospitality with a 3.6/4.0 GPA seeking a new position as Server where I could gain more experience and knowledge while giving the best service and satisfaction to the guests.


1) Intern As A Server

La Cuisine Restaurant

May 2019-December 2020

  • Taking orders from the customers with a positive attitude
  • Writing orders and input them into the system for transaction records
  • Getting engaged with customers in a friendly way
  • Collecting payments from each table
  • Helping to do preparation when it is necessary

2)  Helper

Roomy Hotel’s Restaurant


  • Collecting bills of the customers
  • writing the customer’s orders and deliver them to the kitchen
  • Making sure guests are satisfied with the service


Kojin Hospitality High School, California

Hospitality service


GPA: 3.6

Relevant Training: Basic Manners And Good Service In The Restaurants

Membership: A member of Cooking Crazy Community

Key Skills

  • Friendly
  • Time management
  • Decision making
  • Interpersonal
  • Leadership


  • Handling 40 people at high school events “Heal The World Meeting 2014”
  • Student of the Year, 2013-2014


  • Spanish
  • French
  • Mandarin

How To Write An Outstanding Server Resume

Writing a resume is necessary to impress the employer. You need to highlight your skills and experience to impress the employer. This is why you should understand what the company needs. You can find the keywords in the job listing and see which ones match your own. After that, write down the key skills in your resume. Typically, most hiring managers are interested in the candidate’s skills that match the company.

How To Make My Resume Outstanding?

Being outstanding among competitors is not easy. You should show what makes you different than others. The following are the skills needed as a server:

  • Being exceptional in prioritizing customers’ satisfaction
  • Strong attention to details
  • Ability to work under pressure especially in dispute resolution
  • Being excellent when working as a teamwork
  • Multilingual

How To Make My Resume Look Better?

  • Try to edit your resume when you are applying for a new position in a different company.
  • Prioritize the company because they are looking for a new candidate to help them with the business.
  • Always use bullets and separate each detail with different sections.
  • Quantifying the accomplishments is wise.
  • The only list owns accomplishments that are related to the job.

Kinds Of Server Resume Templates

There are a bunch of templates that you can download on the internet. However, not all of them have professional formats. You can download some of the best templates we have collected below:

Server Administration Resume Sample

Any work resume template is designed for a certain purpose. This one is designed for you who have a strong passion for the hospitality industry. So, if you wanted to write one, use this template!

Professional Server Resume Sample

So, who said a server doesn’t need a professional resume? Working in a world-class restaurant will require you to write an exceptional resume. This template is designed elegantly in that it has a minimalist design yet still very simple and readable.

Head Server Resume Template

Having a long year of experience as a server still requires you to write an outstanding resume. There are many competitors outside there who are ready to compete with you. Don’t let the chance slip away! Write a professional template using ours.

Exchange Server Administrator Resume Template

being a server is not an easy task because you must have the skill to deal with people. If you have this skill, let the employer know that you are the eligible candidate. This template is made to help you convince them so you can get your dream job.

Hostess Server Resume Sample

If you like working as a hostess, then this template is for you. What makes this template different is each section that allows you to show your potential in the hospitality industry.

Food and Beverage Resume Template

Write an outstanding resume objective with this template. You now don’t have to feel lost in writing the resume because this template can be an excellent guide. If you are new to job hunting, you can download this one.

Server Job Resume Template

Showcase your talents and skills with the right template format. This template is designed for you who are planning to apply as a server. This template is created in chronological order which makes it easy for the hiring manager to spot your strengths.

Food Server Resume Template

If you love the culinary thing, then you must love being the food server. This is a job that some people are proud of especially if they succeed to get this position in reputable restaurants or hotels. If you want to be in the top spotlight, use this template to show your true potential.

So, that is all our short tips about writing a server resume. Always make a note and find some skills that match the needs of the company.


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