Registered Nurse Job Description and Some FAQs

The registered nurse –or it is also called as RN, is an important agent in the running of hospital service. RN will monitor the patients, administers the detailed medicines, keeps records, and others. That is why finding a great RN is very essential for the manager of a hospital. For that reason, talking about the registered nurse job description becomes relevant.

Registered Nurse Job Description Template

As we have said before, a registered nurse is an important agent in giving the best services for the patients. That is why in the recruitment phase, you –as the manager of the hospital, should make a clear description of the registered nurse’s job.

Through a clear job description, you can recruit a good nursing staff to provide excellent health care for the patients. As we know, the registered nurse has some important tasks to be done, such as caring for patients when they are coming to the facility, maintaining the record, and others.

In common, a bachelor’s degree in nursing and license becomes two essential requirements to be fulfilled by the candidate. On another hand, a candidate should have a BLS/CPR training to increase their skills. A professional and friendly attitude could be added to the consideration matters.

Registered Nurse Responsibilities

A registered nurse has some responsibilities to be done, such as:

  • Maintaining the complete health care records and report accurately
  • Administering the detailed medications for the patients
  • Monitoring the side effects of the medications and the reactions
  • Providing the appropriate medical devices based on the treatment that is served to the patients
  • Recording the medical information and the vital signs of the patients
  • Ordering the clinical tests for the patients
  • Monitoring, recording and reporting the changes in the patients’ condition
  • Assessing, implementing, planning, and evaluating the whole nursing care plans for the patients with the team members
  • Modifying the treatment plans of the patent as the response of the changing condition of the patients when it is needed

Registered Nurse Requirements

These are also some requirements to be offered in the recruiting process to get the best-registered nurse. Some requirements to be included are:

  • Bachelor degree or master degree in nursing
  • Experience in an emergency or intensive care
  • Experience in the home health care
  • Friendly attitude and professional
  • Have a good knowledge of basic computer skill
  • Ability to make effective communication with the patients, families, and other staff
  • Having a certificate of ACLS
  • Having a BLS certificate
  • Pass the NCLEX-RN
  • Current state licensure as the registered nurse

Registered Nurse FAQs

What does the registered nurse do?

The registered nurse has the main task to deliver the best service for the patient. In simpler, all needs of the patient should be handled well and professionally by the registered nurse.

Can I edit the uploaded registered nursejob description?

Yes, you can. The available and uploaded job description of the registered nurse here is easy to be edited. Get the file and then renew the information based on what details you need.

Do you have interview questions for this recruitment?

Yes, we do. Besides providing the detailed registered nurse job description, here we have some samples of the interview questions. You may find it on the other side of this page.

Description: A registered nurse job description will increase your knowledge about this position, especially when you want to do the recruitment phase.


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