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 Free Downloadable Post Card Template Designs

Post card is something that can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. There are some post cards out there that made from plain cardstock with just a picture included in the front. On the other hand, it is possible to find fancy and experimental appearance with embossed paint, string, or glitter. No matter which one that you prefer more, using post card template is a great starting point to make one on your own according to your personal style.

Post Card Template Purposes

Post card is a thick paper or thin cardboard in rectangular shape. The purpose is to write and mail without using envelope. However, it is possible to find some non-rectangular card shape. It is actually started to being mass-produced in the late 1800s. The reason why post cards were popular is because it is a practical method to communicate back then.

The cards are used for wide range of purposes, from personal to business. They are even commonly used as a marketing tool, such as to promote business, advertise, or interact with consumers.

Post Card Template Types

Below are several different types of post card template that you can find easily:

View cards

As one of the earliest types of post card to exist, view card has been the constant favorite amongst collectors – with the long history of collecting and trading cards from places that used to be visited or from home towns. This type of card usually has historic reference such as landmark, streets, buildings, or environment that has significantly change over time.

Greeting cards

In the earlier eras, it can be said that greeting card almost had similar popularity as view card. Its relevance has been declining as the time graph goes. However, it is still fairly common to find them on special occasions or holidays such as birthday or Christmas

Historical cards

Historical type of card is produced to commemorate events such as politic shifts, expositions, parades, coronations, social problems, or even war. The significance of such event is often portrayed further by message that’s written by sender.

Art cards

This card is considered as the most important type by many. It is proven by how much higher price art card can be sold, compared to view or greeting cards. The artist’s skill combined with the rarity makes it a gem between collectors in modern age.

Photographic cards

Photographic cards are recognized and classified as different from art cards due to their distinctive quality. They often come in great details and wonderful color compositions as main appeals.

Post Card Template Dimensions

Post card template has strict and specific requirement regarding dimensions as listed below:

  • Must be in rectangular shape
  • Must be minimum 3.5 x 5” but less than 4.25 x 6”
  • Cannot exceed thickness of 0.016”

Customizable Post Card Template

Post card template design is very easy to customize. The file is ready to be downloaded and printed. There are varying designs and tons of personalize possibilities. No matter what design style, type, or format that you’re looking for, there must be at least one template that can cater to your needs.

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