Pest Control Technician Job Description – What To Have As A Candidate


The pest control technician is responsible for identifying and fixing the infestation problems in various buildings such as homes, offices and so on. The pest control technician must be able in handling various procedures and willing to use chemicals when doing the procedures. For further explanation, you can follow our short description about the pest control technician job description bellow.

The Responsibilities In The Pest Control Technician Job Description

There are some tasks that must be performed by the pest control technician, which are as follow:

Identifying Pest Problems

A pest control technician must determine the type of pest and inspect the house properly without damaging the properties. After finding the type of pest, they have to inform the customers and give knowledge about what to do.


Because the procedures should be scheduled properly which means it needs certain contracts and agreements. The technician must communicate it with the customers in filling out the necessary documents to complete the job. He must communicate it also with the staff about the schedules.

Performing Certain Procedures

The technicians perform certain procedures to get rid of the pests, for example, choosing the right pesticides and comply with the safety procedures. He needs to adjust the mixtures accordingly.

The Requirements To Be A Pest Control Technicians

  • Education background – The candidates must have GED or diploma degree and valid driver’s license. He has to prove that he has experience with the pest control proven by license.
  • Skills – The skills required to be a pest control technician is excellent communication, problem-solving, customer service and detail-oriented skills. The person must be willing to work under various conditions too for example in the rainy or snowy season because the customers might need it in an unpredicted time.


What’s a Pest Control Technician’s Job?

The pest control technician helps the customers to identify and find infestation problems on the buildings such as homes, offices, and other structures. Then, they can make a plan and decide what they need to do with the infestation whether to do manual instructions or pesticides.

What Are Some Key Points To Know About The Pest Control Technician Job Description?

There are many important things to consider if you want to hire a new pest control technician. You have to know your business focus. After that, you can adjust the tasks, responsibilities, and requirements based on your business needs.

What Are The General Duties Of A Pest Control Technician  Job Description?

Generally, the main tasks of a pest control technician are inspecting the buildings to know whether there are some infestition problems, clearing the debris, carry out certain duties related to the job.

A pest control technician must be able to work with various conditions which sometimes can be dangerous. This is why the certificate and skills are not enough. Experiences and physical condition matters too. Make sure you include these in your pest control technician job description. Hope you can find the best candidate.

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