Payroll Clerk Job Description and its FAQ


The payroll clerk has an important role in the company or organization. They will collect the timekeeping information of employees and also manage the benefit packages with payroll software. A patrol clerk also will manage any employee complaints and questions suitable for the investigation. Therefore, creating a payroll clerk job description is important to get the best candidate to work.

The payroll clerk job description template 

Since a payroll clerk has a big role, you need to be careful to look for this job position. You need to look for an efficient payroll check that is responsible for all tasks in the processing payroll. The payroll clerk also has a range of duties such as collecting the timesheets, calculate the wages, and also make sure the employees get the payment on time.

Besides, a payroll clerk also will calculate the pay suitable for the hours worked in the workplace. To make their job run well, a payroll also will investigate and resolve any errors in payroll in a timely manner.

To succeed in the payroll clerk, you also have to carry out all the tasks with high attention to the detail. Besides, a top candidate for this job position is highly organized and possesses excellent math skills.

The responsibilities of the payroll clerk 

As a payroll clerk, you need to know some responsibilities to do. Some payroll clerk responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Confirm the timekeeping records and consult employees about the any discrepancies
  • Record payroll data in the software system and also confirm all amounts before the cutting checks.
  • Change the employee tax status as needed as well as any information about the withholding.
  • Alter the employee banking records when it is necessary to process the payments accurately
  • Maintain the compliant policies and procedures to process the payroll checks
  • Reply to the employee’s questions and also concern regarding payroll
  • Determine the payable hours, commission, bonuses, taxes, and also a deduction
  • Process the new employees, promotions, and also terminations
  • Distributing the statement detailing earnings and deduction
  • Formulate the sporadic payroll reports
  • Maintain and update payroll records

The requirements of the payroll clerk 

To be a payroll clerk, you also need to know some requirements to fulfill. Some payroll clerk requirements descriptions are:

  • High school diploma
  • Degree in accounting or related field
  • Understanding in a payroll department
  • Understand of the payroll software
  • Solid attention to detail
  • Good math and communication skills
  • Solid organizational skills
  • Strong understanding of relevant legislation, policies, and regulation
  • Team players

The payroll clerk FAQs

What does a payroll clerk do?

The main tasks of a payroll clerk are responsible for all tasks suitable with payroll processing like collecting the employee’s timesheet and also payroll data. The tasks of this job are usually written completely in the payroll clerk job description template.

Can I edit the payroll clerk job description here?

Of course, you can. The payroll clerk job description document here is editable. Therefore, you can edit and change any detailed information in the payroll clerk job description suitable for your company or organization’s needs.


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