Orthodontic Dental Assistant Job Description and Important FAQs

The Orthodontic dental assistant job description is responsible to provide assistance in the work for Orthodontists. The assistant works to give support in the technical and administrative side such as ensuring the patients about procedures and braces aftercare.

Orthodontic Dental Assistant Template

The orthodontic dental assistant will be responsible to prepare the equipment and tools for Orthodontists to work. Several duties that the assistant needs to do are preparing the appointment rooms, sterilize the tools that are used and adjusted the braces for patients.

The Orthodontic dental assistant job template has plenty of works that support the process of medical treatment the Orthodontic does. To work as one of the team, a candidate must have proficient knowledge in the field.

Also, it is important for the resident to have long experience in the work. To help a candidate who is interested to apply for the work, the information related to requirements and responsibilities are listed down below.

Orthodontic Dental Assistant Responsibilities

Orthodontic dental assistant responsibilities come up with various duties. The dental assistant is responsible to do and prepare all of the activities below.

  • The assistant is responsible to maintain the patients’ record health histories properly and accurately to help the treatment progress better.
  • The assistant will ensure the instruments and equipment that are needed by Orthodontics to be ready and sterilized before.
  • The dental assistant will be responsible to keep the patients’ mouth dry during the process of the Orthodontic. The assistant will use a suction hose if needed.
  • The assistant will be responsible to handle the intraoral X-rays process, taking photographs of patients’ teeth, and development of the treatment process.
  • The Orthodontic dental assistant is responsible to take the dental molds for fabrications, customize mouth-guards, and retainers.
  • The assistant will be responsible to remove and replace the equipment such as wires, coil springs, elastic bands, and many more.

Orthodontic Dental Assistant Requirements

Just like the Orthodontic doctor, being an Orthodontic dental assistant also needs requirements. The Orthodontic dental assistant requirements are explained below.

  • A minimum order of being an Assistant in Dental Orthodontic must be a Bachelor’s Degree in the medical subject. The higher Degree in the same or similar field is also accepted.
  • The candidate must have an Associate Degree in Dental Assisting.
  • The candidate must have DANB, a certificate as an Orthodontic Assistant that is released by Dental Assisting National Body.
  • The person must have licenses as Orthodontic assistance.
  • The candidate has CPR certification.
  • The candidate has a broad knowledge of Orthodontic subjects as well as has a good understanding of the procedures and practices.
  • The candidate has great individual and organizational skills, excellent communication skills, and good manual dexterity.

Orthodontic Dental Assistant FAQs

How to do the Orthodontic Dental Assistant Duties Properly?

The Orthodontic dental assistant FAQs help the candidate to understand the responsibilities and the requirements that are needed. The assistant will gain helpful information to do the work.

How to Apply as an Orthodontic Dental Assistant?

To work as an Orthodontic dental assistant, a person must have an excellent qualification and passes all of the requirements that the company applied from the Orthodontic dental assistant job description.




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