Operations Manager Job Description and Its FAQ

An operations manager job description is an important position in the running of a management team. Based on the operations manager’s job description, and individual in this position will face some essential duties, such as attracting talents, setting the standards of training, and others. Besides, they also need to improve the quality of product and productivity inside the company.

Operations Manager Job Description Template

The operations manager is also known as COO or Chief Operation Officer. It could be evidence of how important this position is. On another hand, knowing the template of an operations manager is also important since it can be a reference for the recruitment process.

Through a template, you –as the recruiter, could know what should be inserted inside this document. Besides, the template also will make you know about the requirements that the candidate should know, so getting a high-skilled candidate could be realized.

Then, for a candidate, to be a successful operations manager, they need to have prior experience, especially in management or a leadership position. An ability to make a decision is also needed since an operations manager should make some strategic path for the company.

Operations Manager Responsibilities

Making the standard of training becomes the main task of an operations manager. However, an individual in this position still has larger responsibilities to handle. Some responsibilities to be handled by an operations manager are:

  • Providing inspired leadership for the company
  • Making important policies, planning’s, and strategy decisions
  • Developing, implementing, and reviewing the operational procedures and policies
  • Assisting human resource for recruitment when it is needed
  • Helping to promote the culture of the company
  • Overseeing budgeting, reporting, planning, and auditing
  • Working with the senior stakeholders
  • Ensuring all regulatory and legal document are filed
  • Monitoring the compliance with regulations and laws
  • Working with the directors to determine the missions and values
  • Planning the short and long term goals
  • Identify and address the problems and opportunities for the company
  • Building alliances and partnerships with others
  • Support the management team

Operations Manager Requirements

To handle all responsibilities of an operations manager, a candidate should fulfill some requirements, such as:

  • Bachelor’s degree in operations management or the relevant field
  • Experiences in operations, management, and leadership
  • Understanding the general budgeting and finance, including the loss and profit, balance sheet and the management of cash-flow
  • Ability to build relationships and consensus among partners, managers, employees, and others
  • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
  • Solid understanding of the financial management
  • Ability to work under pressure

Operations Manager FAQ

What is the function of an operations manager?

The main function of an operations manager is to oversee the high-level duties of HR, such as attracting the talents, improving the process of organization, and others. They also need to increase the productivity of the company.

What skills are needed for the operations manager?

  • Leadership
  • Ability to oversee the detailed matters of budgeting
  • Ability to address the problems and opportunities inside the company

Is the sample of an operations manager job description editable?

Yes, it is. The operations manager job description on this page is editable. You can change the basic information based on your need. Download the template and then edit it as you want.



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