NICU Nurse Job Description – What To Consider Before Writing The Job Description



A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nurse has the responsibility to take care of the infants that are suffering from serious diseases or under prematurity condition. The nurse should take care of it round-the-clock by giving support, comfort, and the medical needs of the infants. Besides, the nurse also must give guidance to the parents. If you are looking for some details about the NICU nurse job description, you can read our summary.

The Main Task Of A NICU Nurse

There are some tasks to perform by the neonatal nurse, which are explained in the list below.

Provide care

The neonatal nurse must provide care for the infants under certain conditions such as illness and prematurity. The support by the neonatal nurse includes feeding, changing diapers etc. They are responsible for the baby’s treatment.

Giving Assistance

The neonatal nurse must also provide assistance for the physicians in treatments and doing medical procedures. The nurse must help the physician adjust and use the medical equipment. Besides, the neonatal nurse must also formulate plans and also observe whether the treatment is effective or not.

What Are The Requirements To Fulfill To Be A NICU Nurse

There are some requirements to be fulfilled before applying as a NICU nurse, which are as follow:

  • Educational background – The candidate must have a nursing license, a bachelor’s degree in nursing, a year of NICU experience, and also the CPR certification.
  • Skills – The skills required are communication, and working in team skills. The candidates must be able to offer support to the guardians, parents, and also the family members. Additionally, he/she must have knowledge of operating the NICU equipment.


What’s A NICU Nurse’s Job?

A neonatal nurse or known as the NICU Nurse has a job to provide treatments for the baby that is in prematurity condition or suffering illness. Besides caring for the infants, they are also responsible for caring for the guardians and parents.

What Are The Key Points To Include In The NICU Nurse Job Description?

There are some qualifications to include when posting the NICU nurse job description. First, you need to consider the key qualifications such as the levels of education, skills, and experience. Don’t forget to include the responsibilities of this position so the candidate can figure out exactly the requirements and the tasks when working.

What Are The Duties Of A NICU Nurse?

The nurse must work with empathic and caring nature. The person must be able to work under pressure especially when working with the neonatal team. The nurse must offer comfort and support for the infants and their parents.

Looking at the importance of the requirements and skills to be mastered by the candidates, you need to consider and be selective. Make sure you write the NICU Nurse job description properly. Later, it is important to do a certain tests to know the candidate’s capability in handling problems because this position has a lot of pressure.

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