Music Teacher Job Description – What Are The Tasks To Do And Skills Required?


A music teacher is a person who teaches music subjects in the school or other academic organizations. They teach students practical methods and theories for using instruments, singing, and others. You can learn further the duties and responsibilities in the summary of the music teacher job description bellow.

Duties In The Music Teacher Job Description

A music teacher is not only teaching the students but also performing various tasks as follow:

  • Preparing teaching material for students such as the media, the theories, and the classroom flows.
  • Teaching music in general, not a specific genre that has to be general knowledge.
  • Teaching students playing instruments such as playing piano and providing them theory and practical time.
  • Teaching students the basic knowledge of singing with technique and helping them level up the skill into an advanced level.
  • Incorporating the movement and music in the lessons
  • Planning and creating lesson plans to make the teaching process easier.
  • helping students preparing concerts and encouraging them to do musical experiences.
  • Preparing and arranging exams and practicals.
  • Encouraging students to develop their music skills and join music clubs.
  • Providing mentorship and building a relationship with the students.


The Skills Needed To Be A Music Teacher

To be a music teacher, of course, needs various skills. It is not only about teaching and preparing material as well as mastering instruments. The key point to note to be a professional teacher is the ability to transfer knowledge to the students. Typically, a top music teacher will have the following skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills in which teachers must be able to inspire, encourage, and motivate students to push forward and practice their skills.
  • A music teacher must have enthusiasm, determination, and perseverance.
  • Imagination, commitment, and passion for teaching will help the teaching and learning process a lot.
  • A teacher also must have high patience.
  • Choral pedagogy
  • A good capability in developing assessments.

Furthermore, a music teacher must have experience and related degree because this will be easier to transfer the knowledge as the teacher knows well the theory and practical things. The most academic organization will require a candidate to have a teaching certificate and teaching experience. This would be preferred!

  • If you have met the qualification, you can start writing your resume and prepare your interview. The list below is an example of objective statements you can use as a reference or idea.
  • I am graduating from the Music Academy and I would like to hear if your organization can give me a chance to present my skills. Teaching is my passion and I have experience in teaching kids during my study at the university.
  • I am seeking an environment where I can improve and grow as a music teacher. I am graduating from a music academy and I would like to focus on enhancing and developing more experience in teaching. I would love to hear some news from you for further discussion.

You can take the objective statements above or simply create your own after understanding the music teacher job description. Be sure to be proactive and always gain more knowledge and experience to better up your resume.

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