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Modern CV Template Download for All Job-Seekers


Using modern CV template to make your own CV is a good decision. CV is like the most important thing to make when you are looking for a job. The company you come to will take a look at the CV at first and decide whether or not they want to give you an interview. This is why the CV has to be as interesting as possible. For the modern design, you can get the templates over here:

Modern CV Template Means


What does “modern” means here? Well, modern CV template is nothing like the template for your old-fashioned CV. It has more designs and contemporary elements there. Usually, the CV is made to highlight the achievement and good stuff about the person and make they look even more interesting. That way, they will get their hands to the interview.

Modern CV Template Characteristics


So, what will you find on a modern CV or what are the characteristics? These are the answers.


Completed by Pictures

One of the most noticeable characteristics of modern CV is that it has your picture all over it. Sometimes, the picture is massively placed on the top of the page.

Eye-Catching Design

Old-fashioned CV will have no design except the form-like format they have. However, the modern one is more colorful and eye-catching when it comes to design.

Contrasting Structures

The CV is made out of several structures that highlight different things such as education, work experience and many more.


Modern CV is not black and white in its color. There are tons of colors used on the CV and they should make them look less and less traditional.


Modern CV Template Examples


The examples of CV designs that you can download here are:


Modern CV with Functional Sections

This is an example of a modern CV completed by functional section. It looks fresh and interesting enough for the HR to get you an interview.

Modern CV with Tech-Inspired Design

If you are looking for a job in a tech-related industry, use this design. It looks really tech-inspired and it can make your CV stands out for sure.

Modern CV with Minimalist Structure

Even though the CV is modern, it does not mean that they have to be complicated. This example right here is the CV with modern touch but with minimalist structure.

Modern CV with Bold Formatting

Make your CV looks different than the others by formatting them boldly. The example can be seen over here.


Modern CV Template Format


The best format for the CV is doc or PDF format. That way, you can type in your personal information and everything else with ease. However, if you cannot find them, modern CV template using PSD format is good as well. You just have to be really patient in typing in the information. Either way, the result will be stunning.

Now you have seen a lot of examples and characteristics of the modern CV. As there are so many examples of modern CV template to download, you do not have to worry about making the CV anymore. It won’t be difficult at all.


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