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Birthday Calendar Template with Elegant and Practical Design

You need birthday calendar template to remind ou about your loved ones’ birthday. This kind of calendar contains the date and months for one year. You can identify certain date for birthday then add it into calendar as reminder.

The style and design have many variations. You can use several formats and platforms. In old days, making this calendar was fun activity. Today, you just add a note and set a reminder with application. Some people still create this calendar manually with attractive pattern and decoration. The template will provide the ready-made file for such purpose, and they just input the right contents.

Birthday Calendar Template Idea

The idea of this calendar has been around since old times. With the template, creating this calendar becomes much easier. You can focus on contents, such as birthday date, planning event, preparing gift, and some notes related to a person who has birthday.

Birthday Calendar Template Design

The design can use some variations. Birthday calendar template is usually blank file with color and pattern. You can add items, such as title and year. The company may put logo, name, and other information when creating this calendar. This situation is similar to family, classmate, and school.

Birthday Calendar Template Samples

You will learn birthday calendar template more after exploring some samples. See the following list and find the one to fulfill your need.

  • Family calendar

Family birthday calendar contains all birthdays for one year in your family. You can use this one to plan birthday party or dinner.

  • Clients and customer birthday calendars

Your work must maintain good relationship with clients. Personal touch, such as happy birthday card is necessary. Therefore, you can use calendar and add birthday related to your clients.

  • Friends and classmates birthday calendar

As similar to family, classmates and friends are people you meet and connect. You can make calendar which contains their birthday.

  • Employee birthday list

Another sample is calendar for employee birthday. Some companies create event or party to celebrate a birthday. Each employee will have birthday gift.

Birthday Calendar Template Formats

Some formats are available related to birthday calendar. In general, you just pick the sheet and make twelve columns for each month. After that, you can add birthday date in each column. If you want more elegant and reliable format, check some options at the below list.

  • Standard calendar

Standard calendar has months and date for one year. You can use this format and circle certain date as someone’s birthday. Add the explanation at note section.

  • Yearly calendar

The most common format for birthday calendar is yearly. One sheet has twelve boxs, columns, rounds, or any form to indicate the month. You just input the relevant date, and then calendar is ready. It is plain and blank calendar without complete date or days.

  • Monthly calendar

You can expand yearly calendar with monthly basis. One sheet is only for a month. You have more space for notes, such as gifts, party, or any relevant information.

  • Timeline

You can turn the calendar into timeline. It is additional modification from standard calendar. It is unique option from birthday calendar template. Another similar style is family tree where you add birthday date in each family member.


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