Medical Representative Job Description – What You Need To Know About This Position



A medical representative is also known as pharmaceutical sales representatives. They have responsibilities to handle the product selling including doing promotion, presentation, and also provide relevant information to the company with the customer feedback. For further details, you can read the medical representative job description bellow.

The Responsibilities In The Medical Representative Job Description

There re some responsibilities to do by the medical representative, which includes the following list:

Dealing with selling

Selling is the first responsibility of medical representatives. They sell it to the pharmacists, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. How do they do this? Mostly they set a schedule with the pharmacists, doctors, and other healthcare for a presentation.

Learning The Company’s Product

To be able to promote the company’s products, the medical representative should be able to have in-depth understanding of the company medications. This will ease him/her when explaining the products to potential customers.

Following Up

The next job is to do a lead follow-up that is generated by the company. They have to prepare the presentation very well to be successful in these industries.

Doing Research

Additional work that must be done by a medical representative is doing research in finding the best strengths that are owned by the competitors. It is done to boost the performance in front of the market. Furthermore, the medical representative also must keep up-to-date with the development of the medical field.

What Are The Main Requirements In The Medical Representative Job Description?

  • Educational background – The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, nursing, life science, and other related fields. The candidates must be able to prove they are experienced in medical sales.
  • Skills – The candidates must be able to operate Microsoft Office software. He/she must have a driver’s license, negotiation skill, communication skill, persuasive skill, and customer service skill.


What’s Medical Representative’s Job?

A medical representative is responsible for handling and promoting the company’s medications selling. This includes the medical equipment prescription drugs and many more. Besides, the medical representative also develops various strategies to gain more awareness about medical supplies.

What Should You Consider When Making Medical Representative Job Description?

The main thing to know before posting a medical representative job description is to understand the main responsibilities, tasks, and requirements. This is important for you which can help you to set a good standard in the hiring project. Because there are many aspects to know about the medical representative, our article here is purposed to give you a general outlook about this position.

What Are The Main Tasks Of A medical Representative?

A medical representative is responsible for certain tasks including persuading potential customers to use the products of the company, create an opportunity of a long term contract, and also provides relevant information about the customer’s feedback to the company so it can improve the service.

When you have known the main tasks about the medical representative job description, we hope you will be easier in the hiring project and find the best candidate that suits your company.

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