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Best Media Kit Template Format and Design to Help Your Small Business

Getting featured in major publication or making appearance in local television might be some of the best way to get your small business more recognition. It leads to more traffic and exposure that can affect sales. Besides, it gives you social proof to display on your business’ website proudly. Now, media kit template is a free and simple ways for you to get noticed by media. What is media kit, anyway? Find out more below.

Media Kit Template Purpose

Media kit template is a pre-designed document that can guide you on how to build information about your business. It can be used to introduce produce or event. You may consider it as a package of information to help journalist write about your story. The purpose of using media kit is to grab the attention of journalist so they’d want to do interview or write an article. Media kit used to be made from cardboard folder in the past times, but technology advance has made it possible to make it more practical by using downloadable file format that can be attached on e-mail.

Media Kit Template Elements

The things that included in media kit template will differ according to your business types. However, there are some essential items that becomes standards and always included in the kit such as:

Contact details: input the contact details of representative person, PR person, or someone who can be interviewed as long as they have relevance.

Business or company information: write brief bio and interesting information to help journalist on research. It is better to not make it more than three paragraphs.

Press release:  pick the most exciting or newsworthy press release. Its heading must be descriptive of the content, so it’d be easy to find if the media is searching for specific announcement

Images: the images that included in media kit might be used by journalist to write the stories. Make sure you provide high-resolution and high-quality images for the best media exposure result.

Customizable Media Kit Template

Knowing where and when to send the media kit that you have created is as important as sending out media pitches and press release. Take some time to do research about publication and media outlets to decide which one is the most likely to bring your company to light.

You might want to create personalized email to different journalize – start from introduction about you and the company, and intent to send the media kit. This can help you to create unique connection to each person that you reach, instead of sending out identical media kit to dozens of journalists.

Professional Media Kit Template

Now that you’ve known better about a media kit, maybe it is the right time to make a quality one for your small business. Always remember that you create the kit to serve it to audience so your business story must be portrayed accurately. Consider to use media kit template to make the job easier and get you some inspiration about eye-catching professional design.

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