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Magazine Article Template and Format Everyone Needs to Use


Using magazine article template is essential if you work on the layouting process or as content creator for a magazine. Instead of having to make the layout of the article on your own, you can certainly use some templates. These are the templates available to use and they are available to be downloaded for free as well. Check them out here:

Magazine Article Template Importance


These templates are so essentials as they provide the right structure for the article as well as the suitable theme according to the magazine. This is why magazine article template is always needed. They help you saving time and focus on the content of the magazine instead. With the template, the article will be done in no time at all.

Magazine Article Template Key Essentials


The key essentials of the template are:


  • Main Title

Every article needs a good title. The title should be written larger and bolder so that everyone knows what they are about to read.

  • Subtitle

Right underneath the main title, place a subtitle. It will be like a brief information about what the article is talking about.

  • Content

Content is the main body of the article. It should be well-written so that the magazine gets positive views from the readers.

  • Picture/Illustration

Enhance the look of the article by placing pictures or inserting illustration to depict the things explained on the article. It should help the article looks even better.



Magazine Article Template Examples


These are some templates that you can use to make the magazine article:


Fashion Magazine Article

As the magazine is all about fashion, the article will talk about things that revolve around the couture and lifestyle area. The template for that particular article will be displayed here.

Product/Catalogue Magazine Article

This kind of magazine will be focused more on the pictures and displays rather than on the content. Take a look at the article example over here.

Sport Magazine Article

Sport magazine is always looking manly and sporty, obviously. The article should be in that tone, too. You can take a look at the template here and use this one for free.

Kids Magazine Article

Everything for kids should be colorful, whimsical and fun to look at. You can use the example right here and download it for free anytime.


Magazine Article Template Usage


To use the magazine article template, you have to download them first. Then put it on the computer and prepare you previously written content. The next thing to do is to insert the content into the template and then adjust it here and there. It should be easy to do and everyone can do it even when they have small skill of editing.


Now you have seen the templates. It is now for you to download them. Pick one or two that you need the most and then start using them as the core to make an article on the magazine looks great. The magazine article template will surely help everything.


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