Kitchen Porter Job Description – Responsibilities And Skills To Know



The kitchen porter has responsibilities to wash all the dishes, cooking equipment, and utensils. He or she must assist the cooks and chefs in preparing the food and make sure the kitchen is clean and hygienic. Generally, the kitchen porter is working in hotels, hospitals, and other establishments that provide food. You can learn further about the kitchen porter job description bellow.

The Responsibilities In The Kitchen Porter Job Description

Cleaning and sanitizing

The kitchen porter is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the dishes, kitchen walls, ovens, grills, sinks, and stoves. The kitchen porter must also clean and sanitize the meal preparation.

The job is not only stopping at washing but also making sure the area of the kitchen is clean too. For example, doing mopping and sweeping during the shift and after the shift ends. All of the requirements that need to be washed include cutting boards, dirty dishes, cooking equipment, and utensils. Additionally, the kitchen porter

also make sure the food mixer, cooker, and other cooking equipment are working well.

Receiving deliveries

Besides cleaning and washing, the kitchen porter is also responsible for receiving as well as ass unpacking deliveries.

Emptying garbage

Other tasks to perform related to the cleanliness are emptying, washing, and re-lining the garbage beans. The kitchen porter also must make sure freezers, storages, and kitchen refrigerators are well-organized and clean.


The kitchen porters are the ones who help the chef to make basic food preparation such as peeling, cutting, and washing the ingredients based on the instructions from the chef.

The Requirements In The Kitchen Porter Job Description

  • Educational Background – To be a kitchen porter, the candidate must have at least a high school diploma with a food handler license. He or she must be experienced in commercial kitchen environments and have strong knowledge about the health and safety of food regulation.
  • Skills – The skills required include organizational, management, and communication skills. The candidate must have a strong willingness to stand for a long period.


What’s A Kitchen Porter’s Main Role?

A kitchen porter has a role to make sure the kitchen is clean. He or she also assists the kitchen cook with preparing the ingredients, equipment, and utensils. The main role of the kitchen porter is to wash all of the dirty utensils, kitchen sets, and others which later will be used to make food.

What Are Important Ways To Remember To Become A Professional Kitchen Porter?

You must have excellent communication skills. You need to have a strong understanding of interpreting commands and procedures. And most importantly, all of your work must adhere to the safety and health regulations.

What Are The General Tasks Of A Kitchen Porter?

Generally, the kitchen porter will do cleaning, sanitizing, sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, and making cooking preparation.

If you are planning to work in this position, you need to have a strong commitment. This job requires a lot of activities and it is important to have a strong physical condition. Lastly, read the kitchen porter job description and then evaluate your resume.

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