Information Technology Job Description and Its Requirements


An information technician is a person who responsibilities are to set up a workstation with computers & needed peripheral devices, check computer hardware, and install & configure appropriate software & functions based on the specs. It is important if we talk more about the information technology job description in this article below.

Information Technology Job Description Template

We are hiring a qualified IT technician who can install & maintain computer networks & systems that aim for the highest functionality. A good IT technician should have a full knowledge of computer hardware & software and various internet apps, network & operating systems.

The main IT job description is to build & maintain updated & efficient computer networks and systems to optimize the technology role on business sustainability. The following template will be useful to post on online job career pages.

Information Technology Responsibilities

In this information technology job description template, you can see the detailed responsibilities to be done by an information technology:

  • Setting up workstations with computers & needed peripheral devices
  • Checking computer hardware
  • Installing & configuring appropriate software & functions based on specifications
  • Developing & maintaining local networks which optimize performance
  • Ensuring networks’ security & privacy and computer systems
  • Providing guidance and orientation to users on operating new software & computer equipment
  • Organizing & scheduling upgrades  as well as maintenance
  • Performing troubleshooting to diagnose & resolve issues
  • Maintaining logs or records of repairs and fixes as well as maintenance schedule
  • Identifying network or computer equipment shortages as well as place orders

Information Technology Requirements

After paying attention to the information technology responsibilities above, now you have to know about the requirements to be met. All candidates have to meet the following required qualifications:

  • Proven experience in relevant position especially IT technician
  • Excellent skills of diagnostic as well as problem solving
  • Excellent ability of communication
  • Great skills of organizational & time management
  • Solid understanding of different computer networks and systems
  • Deep knowledge of data privacy and internet security principles
  • Bachelor degree in engineering, computer science, or other related fields
  • Certification as an IT technician can be a benefit

Information Technology FAQs

What does an information technology do in a company?

After meeting the information technology requirements, the hired IT technician is tasked to set up a workstation with computers & needed peripheral devices, check computer hardware, and install & configure appropriate software & functions based on the specs.

Can I edit the posted information technology job description here?

Of course, you can. The job description template available posted here is customizable so that you can edit it easily by adding or removing the details based on your needs. In fact, different companies may give different responsibilities and require different qualifications.

Do you have interview questions for an information technology?

Besides the information technology job description, this web also contains some interview question samples. You can find the interview questions on another page.


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