6+ High School Resume Template


High School Resume Template

Writing a resume for a teenager who has a progressive path within high school could be knotty. Since most of them still not having working experience and have not officially graduated yet, they cannot boast their working experience. Instead of it, they can opt to highlight their hard and soft skills, grades, lab practice experience, and their dealings with the teaching assistant. Notice that you can get inspired to achieve your part-time job or freelance job using a well-written high school resume template.

Some part-time or freelance employers would require their candidates to file a resume. Especially for those who are fresh-graduate and under-graduate. It is important to know what are the abilities that are offered by the candidates. Never be so worry about writing a resume. You could always refer to the high school resume template for college to make a standing-out resume that would attract the employer.

High School Resume Sample

To make English-written you more inspired with the ideas to write a resume, here is a sample that you may study:

Chandler Herbert

Personal Info

Phone  : (353)202-323-4544

Email   : chandlerhelbert@gmail.com


A motivated and confident student from Aldebaran High School with strong GPA of 3.5 seeking for a position to be a freelance English writing extracurricular program teacher in Steynewt High School, where I could fetch my mastery of writing English written products, vocabularies and the rule of grammar for the students who learn English as a foreign language.


English Teacher Assistant

  • Rangda’s Tutoring Agency


  • Developed lesson plan and learning plan of writing English products for junior graders.
  • Assisted the teacher in teaching writing for junior graders.
  • Performed administrative tasks such as inputting scores and remarks into the systems
  • Provided easy tips on how to write English-written products for the junior graders.
  • Go-Lish English Course


  • Assisted the teacher to develop a lesson plan and teaching media on writing topics.
  • Performed administrative duties, especially in dealing with presence lists, lesson plan submission, and inputting grades to the students.


Aldebaran High School

Teaching English as Foreign Language for junior graders


GPA: 3.5

Relevant Coursework: Formulating Effective Lesson Plan and Teaching Media for Junior Graders.

Expected Graduation: 2021

Membership: –

Key Skills:

  • Exquisite English vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.
  • Confident and motivated
  • Mastery of writing English written products
  • Stay updated with the recent teaching tips and technology


  • Producing anthology book of English short story that is written by the junior graders.
  • Holding a poem writing class for junior graders.


  • French
  • English

How To Write A High School Resume

Below are several steps to be taken to create your well-written high school resume:

  • Formulate a concise and effective resume objective
  • Focusing on relevant coursework and grades
  • Including the personal information, relevant courses, skills, and accomplishments

How do I compose my first high school resume to get a job?

The high school student’s experience could be considered limited, therefore inserting the information of education within the top of the resume is the most crucial thing. A strong GPA could be assigned and included as the supporting details. Do not forget to bring any academic achievements, honors, and accomplishments. In addition, you may add extracurricular activities experience to your resume. It is more preferred if the activities are relevant to the job you are seeking for.

How to Craft a Resume with No Work Experience

  • Employ the appropriate formatting and elements
  • Utilize the proper and right wordings
  • Adding up the education information
  • Insert the top relevant skills that you have
  • Highlight your selling points within resume objective
  • Complete it with a cover letter

What Should a High School Student put within their Resume?

  • Clubs/Activities
  • GPA
  • Achievements, awards, and honors
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Additional skills
  • Involved projects

What Should Not be Included in a high school resume?

  • Less-professional emails.
  • Irrelevant social media or pages profile
  • Ineffective wordings
  • Photos (If you want to include it, attach it, never put your photo within your resume)
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Salary history

Kinds of High School Resume

There is a bunch of high school resume that covers various needs. You may opt for one that applies to you and suits you the most. Using the most relevant resume is vital as this is a key matter to your effective hiring process.

High School Nurse Resume Template

This high school resume template is formulated for high school fresh graduates. Comprising of minimalist style and professional look and formatting, this template is the perfect one for you.

High School Teacher Resume Template

An exclusive and engaging template for high school graduates and/or under-graduates. If you seek a job to be a high school teacher, this exclusive and engaging resume template is the best answer for your needs.

High School Librarian Resume Template

A professional look and eye-catching formatting could grab the attention of the employer to pick you as their options. With the following resume template, you may build up your resume in a professional way and a relevant manner to the job.

High School Business Teacher Template

This two-columned resume with the combination of minimalist style and professional look would enhance your chance to be hired by the employer. The business field is always known as a professional area and therefore, this template is a good match for the job seeker.

Classic High School Resume

It is possible to combine the classy and professional style. Comprises of linings and simple formatting is the key point of this resume template. You may use this high school resume template to obtain your chance to get your desired job in high school.

High School Academic Coordinator Resume Template

This useful high school resume template could be used to save more time on the creation of a resume. Complete the resume with your supporting details to make it stronger and brings a greater chance to get the job.

High School Teacher Resume

Covers eye-catching and stylish formatting, the resume template provides greater visual information. It should make the resume easy to be reviewed, easy to be read, and visually pleasing.

High School Resume Template Word Format

The template which is provided in word format includes ease of access and edit. This kind of high school template could be used to put your focus on the other of the hiring process.

High School Resume Examples

Some of the resume examples provided here include the most required fields for general application. You may add a custom field to them to make it more applicable for your situation.

Resume Template High School Graduate

To provide ease and effectiveness, the following template could be utilized. The simple yet concise formatting ensures the opportunity to join the employer’s organization.




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