Food Server Job Description: A Useful Guideline You Must Know To Become A Qualified Food Server


How much do you know about this position? A food server or also known as a waiter refers to a person who is in charge to serve food and beverages and ensure the company meet customers’ satisfaction. The food server job description below can help you upgrade your resume as best as you could, so you can beat other candidates.

An applicant should comprehend the duties in the food server job description provided. Here are the duties that you may consider in the future:

· Check the condiments, set tables, and fold napkins before opening the restaurant.

· Update and discuss the latest services or offers by attending general meetings and pre-shift beforehand.

· Provide appropriate services, such as greet and welcome the guests, and also offer them food and wine menus.

  • Ensure the POS system has worked well and always carry out the food and beverage orders from BOH.
  • Oversee the flow of the food and beverages’ served. This can help ensuring the dish replenished continuously.
  • Get feedback from management and customers in the restaurant.You can also ask the customers about their satisfaction towards the food and beverages.
  • Greet and thank the customers while on their departures sincerely.
  • Close the restaurant and clean the entire floor and tables of the restaurant. A food server also must prepare linens to make the laundry service become easier.

In this food server job description, we have provided the requirements and skills you are expected to complete before you send your resume to the company. Here are the lists of the requirements and skills demand.

General Requirements:

  • An applicant who has work experience at least a year in a similar environment is preferred.
  • An applicant who can prove the result of exams or training about product knowledge will have more advantageous.
  • A food server must master preserving solid customer base.
  • An applicant should have professional and good appearance.
  • A food server needs to have a fit, agile, and skilled physic in order to be accepted in this job.

Essential Skills:

  • Having outstanding communication skills, especially in verbal communication.
  • Willing to work with flexible and extra hours.
  • Having excellent time management abilities and be able to stand for a long time.

Some objective statements that have been included in the food server job description presented below can be put in your resume and help upgrading the quality of your resume. Have a look at the lists of them below.

  • I would like to be a food server in your company and improve myself by meeting the company’s standards.
  • I can maximize my 5 years of serving dish in this company and develop my skills here.
  • To obtain this position, I will enable my outstanding verbal skills and strong dexterous physics.

The guideline we have presented above covers some essential aspects of this position you can consider. You can also use the guideline of this job description to develop your resume, so you can have a better result. Good luck!




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