Film Editor Job Description – What Do You Have To Prepare?



The film editors have responsibilities to remove the rejected videos and assembling all the footage into sequences. This is why the film editor has to work with the sound and cinematographer editors. This is purposed to make the content aligned with the story and the director’s ideas. to know further about the film editor job description, you can read the following resume.

The Responsibilities In the film Editor Job Description

Reading the scripts Because the editor must assemble all of the footage in sequences, the editor must know the script well. This makes reading the script thoroughly is important to help the editor understand the story and help him/her assemble the videos.

Visiting the locations

Besides reading the scripts, the editor also has to visit the filming locations. It is crucial to get the feel and atmosphere of the story. Besides, this helps him/her know well the director’s ideas. he/she will discuss a lot with the director at the filming site.


Once the editor has finished reading and visiting the filming process, he/she still has another job with reviewing the footage. This is the most difficult part as he/she will spend a lot of hours selecting the videos or footage. After that, the task is trimming the segments.

Making collaboration

Another task to perform is to collaborating with the sound editors to match it with the scenes and give dramatic feels and makes the film move alive. Besides, working with cinematographers are also required to get the best result.

Once the process above has been done, the film editor still has one job left which is making revisions that are requested by the directors.

The Requirements In The Film editor Job Description

  • Education – The education background required to be a film editor is from a bachelor of arts. The person must be from television, film, media, or other related fields. Also, the person must have experience in video editing with strong knowledge in editing techniques, tools, and software.
  • Skills – The skills requires are good knowledge of cameras, critical thinking, management, and organization skills. Furthermore, the person must be good at concentration and has good patience.


What Are The Main Roles Of A film Editor?

A film editor is responsible to handle the editing and figure out what the director wants. The person must include in the editing process of multiple hours of film from reviewing and assembling the footage, editing sounds, etc and working hard as much as he/she can to meet the deadlines.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Applying As A Film Editor?

The candidate must be able to capture the director’s ideas. This means you have to be a flexible person because you will read a lot the director’s mind and will interact with other crews too. Make sure you can fulfill the main requirements and can cope with the responsibilities.

What Are The Main Duties Of A Film Editor?

A film editor has various duties in filming and finishing processes. He/she mist assembling the footage, figure out the director’s ideas, editing films, etc so the finishing can meet the deadlines.

with all responsibilities, requirements, and the FAQs we have written in the film editor job description above, we hope you get sufficient information about this field and get prepared in a job application.



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