Cosmetology Instructor Job Description and its FAQ


A cosmetology instructor is a very important position in the beauty industries or business. They will teach a variety of skills for hairstylists, manicurists, make-up artists, and other workers in the beauty industry. Besides, they also will teach in junior and community colleges, cosmetology schools, and also vocational and technical schools. Therefore, creating a cosmetology instructor job description is important to know the quality of your candidate to work on your business.

The cosmetology instructor job description template 

You need to look for a skilled cosmetology instructor that can teach the students’ skills that want to enter the beauty industry. Besides, as a cosmetology instructor, you also need to respond to learn and adapt the course curriculum, teaching the students in the various cosmetology skills. Testing, grading work, and mentoring the students are also other tasks of a cosmetology instructor.

Besides, if you want to succeed in a cosmetology instructor, you have to have extensive experience working as a professional talent to teach. Besides, a good interpersonal skill is also needed to make the work getting easier.

The top candidate for a cosmetology instructor usually takes a hands-on approach with the way of teaching. Moreover, you also need to make sure that every student gets the needed understanding to make them succeed in the beauty industry.

The responsibilities of a cosmetology instructor 

As a cosmetology instructor, you will have some responsibilities to do. Some cosmetology instructor responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Learn and adapt the course in the curriculum
  • Demonstrate all basic subject of the cosmetology that are needed by the state
  • Evaluate the students’ cutting, styling, and coloring skill level and potential
  • Work together with a hair show with Bronners Bros for the student to compete and demonstrate the skills set from the classroom
  • Set the out lesson plans
  • Order the stock supplies for each course
  • Teach the student skills about beauty trade
  • Improve the curriculum for esthetic students featuring current makeup trends
  • Prepare the students for state board exam
  • Document and report the student grades, requirements and hours
  • Give course feedback to the college or technical school

The requirements of the cosmetology instructor 

Besides, you also need to fulfill some requirements to be a cosmetology instructor. Some cosmetology instructor requirements descriptions are:

  • National-state council of the state board of cosmetology certification
  • Previous work experience as a cosmetology instruction at least 3 years’ experience as a cosmetologist
  • Impressive interpersonal skills
  • Understanding with teaching about cosmetology
  • Capable to handle stressful situations
  • Patient and also understanding to do something

The cosmetology instructor FAQ

What does a cosmetology instructor do?

Like in the cosmetology instructor job description template above, the main task of a cosmetology instructor is training the students that are attending beauty colleges, technical schools, and also cosmetology schools. In other words, their job is teaching the skills using professional beauty.

Can I edit the cosmetology instructor job description here?

Of course, you can. The cosmetology instructor job description here is editable. You can customize and add any detailed information in the cosmetology instructor job description suitable for your organization’s needs so that your organization will run well.


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