Construction Inspector Job Description – The Keypoints To Understand To Be A Successful Candidate


The construction inspector’s responsibility is to inspect the structure of the building such as safety, structural soundness, and also its compliance with the regulation. Besides, the construction inspector also has to do an inspection before, during, and once the projects have ended. If you want to learn further about the construction inspector job description, check the following summary.

The Construction Inspector Job description, Duties And Responsibilities

A top construction inspector must be able to perform various tasks. Generally, any construction inspector job description will mention the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Attending various meetings and gathering when it is needed.
  • Making evaluations for any specifications and plans in the construction projects and ensuring each of them is complying with the regulations.
  • Doing inspection for building structures and materials.
  • Doing experiments and test the materials to make sure it is safe and complies with the regulations.
  • Giving violation notice if the materials or other components in the projects don’t comply with the regulation.
  • Maintaining the reports and documentation. Doing inspection following the natural disaster and other events that can possibly damage the structures.
  • Assisting the staff.


Skills Required In The Construction Job Description

Being a professional construction inspector will require you to master various skills. The following are a list of skills you must have before applying.

  • Excellent knowledge of work zone safety and fall protection.
  • Strong knowledge in construction is important as you will do a lot of observation and tests.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and in confined spaces.

Besides having the skills above, it is important also to meet the administrative requirements such as graduating from the engineering field, attaching the proof that you are experienced in working as a construction inspector. It is preferred if you have at least 2-year experience. Furthermore, you must have been trained in OSHA and confines space. Don’t’ forget to attach ACI certification too.

If you are eligible, and you want to apply as a candidate, you can also take the objective statements bellow as an inspiration:

  • I have been working as a construction inspector for years and I would like to gain more experience by working in your company.
  • I have been graduating from engineering and I would be glad if you give me a chance to gain more knowledge and experience.
  • I am a fast learner and I love learning something new. It will be the best news if you give me a chance to use my knowledge and skill.
  • I would like to work as a construction inspector and I am ready to grow with your company.
  • I would like to use my knowledge and push harder to move forward with your company.
  • Knowing your company is opening a new position, I would like to join in your company as a construction inspector.
  • I am excellent at analyzing and managing people. I would be glad if you give me your time for an interview.

Speaking about the career path, it is crucial to start evaluating your profile and upgrade your portfolio. That’s all our short summary of the construction inspector job description.

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